Medical Edge came to Forthea looking for a site that better reflects their brand, is easy to update, can integrate with their job listing's API, was better optimized for the search engines, and that was a lead generation tool for the client.

Prior to starting in on the design, we worked with Medical Edge to rebuild their entire sitemap by adding additional pages based on our keyword research. For the site design, we leaned into Medical Edge's brand for a colorful, fun, adventurous, and playful responsive design.

The keystone of the site—both in terms of design and functionality—is our creation of interchangeable content panels. Each page has a library of content panels (or "layouts" such as accordions, text area, featured image, etc.) that allow each page layout to be molded based on what best works for the content. The end result is a site full of pages that are very unique, yet cohesive thematically to remain on-brand. In the MODX dashboard, Medical Edge is able to easily edit, add, and move the content panels around as needed.

Industry Medical + Healthcare

Location The Woodlands, TX

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Custom Design + Development
Fully Responsive User Interface

Powerfully built.

MODX + Our Cloud Hosting

MODX, an Open Source PHP CMS, gives us the flexibility and control to bring our creative vision to life with zero restrictions. All output code has been optimized to be lightening fast and super lightweight.

Running on our cloud hosting solution, this site is fast, secure, and expertly tuned with all the latest hosting technology. But don't take our word for it, check out the GTmetrix speed report.

MODX + Our Cloud Hosting
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