Keeping up with digital marketing is a full-time job (several, actually). If you have one or two employees juggling Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Advertising, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, blogging and content marketing, odds are you and your team may be a bit too busy! It's almost impossible to simply manage every piece of the digital marketing puzzle and be effective. There are four major signs that you need a digital marketing agency:

1. You're looking to grow but lack internal resources

Working with an agency can help businesses looking to scale their digital initiatives but lack enough in-house resources to do so. An agency provides an account manager, brand manager and a team of specialistsoften for less than the cost of a full-time employee. You benefit from the expertise of a team working to create a strategy and delivering through execution.

2. Your digital programs are falling short of ROI

If your digital campaigns are falling short of desired goals, agency expertise could help you improve results. Corporate marketing teams are working across multiple channels and cannot prioritize key areas such as PPC and SEO. An agency team of experts can provide the attention, strategy, and the analytics know-how necessary to be more competitive and achieve objectives.

3. You want to stay current but are too busy to stay on top of digital marketing trends

Staying current on the latest digital trends can mean the difference between remaining competitive and driving growth or being left behind. If you're unsure of the impact of retargeting ads or the rise of mobile, then you could be missing out on opportunities for boosting campaign success. Digital agencies follow trends and learn new tools in order to stay competitive, so you always benefit from the latest digital strategies.

4. You’re missing technologies and need to scale fast

Digital agencies offer the latest tools and technologies to ramp up client projects quickly. Online campaigns can have many moving parts and in-house marketers are often too busy to micromanage every detail. This can result in programs that are over budget and slow to market. Agencies offer accountability, flexibility and the communication critical to getting campaigns running at a moment's notice. They also benefit from economies of scale and provide access to expensive analytics technologies. Deciding whether or not your company should hire a digital marketing agency includes a comprehensive assessment of your internal strengths, challenges, and needs from a business, staffing and technology perspective. Check out our Digital Agency Buyers Guide for information on how to compare agencies, what fee structures look like and how to understand contract terms.

 latest tools and technologies to ramp up client projects
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