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Technical SEO – Is Your Site Holding You Back?

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

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Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is Your Site Working For or Against You?

SEO is constantly changing and marketers often have trouble keeping up. Forthea works with leading brands, representing a range of technical SEO proficiency. Brands who dominate SEO typically have no problem getting new leads.

It all starts with a technical SEO audit of the website. When a Forthea search engine optimization (SEO) specialist evaluates your current SEO, we look for a different things:

  • Indexed Pages – Is Google crawling all of your webpages?
  • URL Structure – Are page URLs descriptive easy to read?
  • Site Speed – Is your site too slow?
  • Usability – Can your website be easily navigated on any device?
  • Broken Pages – Is your website sending traffic to pages that render 404 errors?

If these fundamental elements of technical SEO are broken, it may be hurting your online credibility without you even knowing it. Forthea addresses these issues first and then builds a strategy to ensure your website receives massive amounts of traffic and leads.


Mobile Usability and Google Updates

Google announced that for the first time, searches on mobile devices has surpassed those on desktop. Google further emphasized the importance of mobile users, warning webmasters that they’d be penalized if their site wasn’t optimized for the mobile experience.

As an SEO company in Houston, Forthea works with leading brands to ensure they don’t lose business because they aren’t meeting Google’s mobile usability standards. This means creating responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

The push for mobile usability also focuses on site speed. Site speed becomes more important for mobile devices. Speeds can be slower over a phone’s mobile carrier than a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, which means users are more likely to bounce from a website before the page is even rendered.

If your site takes too long to load, not only will your bounce rate increase, but Google may penalize your site, decreasing its organic listings for mobile users. In a world where mobile search queries continue to rise, this could be devastating for your online credibility.

Technical SEO and Digital Marketing Success

SEO is one area of marketing where people are always looking for a shortcut, but the best strategy is to play the long-game.

At Forthea, we understand that rankings and organic traffic are only a small part of the puzzle. Ranking for keywords that create unqualified traffic waste time. That’s why we work with each of our clients to build a conversion model that makes sense for their company. Whether that’s driving phone calls, increasing e-commerce sales or capturing web form leads, we have the experience to gather a realistic understanding of your business and map SEO success to what matters most to you.

Technical SEO can mean the difference between search engine optimization success and failure. All the pieces of digital marketing are interconnected – site speed impacts the number of indexed pages, which can increase keyword rankings, which leads to more organic traffic, which leads to more conversions and sales.