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Local SEO / Local Search Marketing

Optimize Your Local Business For Organic Search

While it’s true that all elements of SEO are interconnected, local SEO is vital for businesses with brick and mortor locations. Local SEO means connecting with consumers who are already searching for your products and services. There are more search queries from mobile devices than desktop and 30% of those mobile searches are related to location.

Consumers are becoming brand agnostic and searching for the most convenient solution to their problem. In fact, there was a 30% increase in mobile searches for “where to buy/find/get” in the last year alone.

Ensure Your Hometown Brand is Found Online, Everytime

Forthea approaches each client with a fresh perspective. We don’t have an SEO Starter Package or sell clients on local SEO. The health of a website is holistic. The ability to be discovered on Google and Bing Map listings plays an important role for businesses that rely on store visits or search queries by neighborhood and zip code. We prioritize defining your location to users.



Align Your Storefront with Your Online Listings

Forthea will perform an audit of all your local listings for Google, Facebook, and other directories. Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of company’s name, address, and phone (NAP) is the first step in local SEO success.

Mobile Usability Means Greater Discovery on the Web

Consumers are performing local searches on mobile devices more than ever before. Google has performed several algorithm updates over the last few years designed to make sure mobile users receive the best possible experience. That means if your site is slow and not optimized for mobile, Google will penalize your site.

Content Strategy that Speaks to Your Brand Identity

Think of your website like a picture of your company. Google can’t see the whole picture, so it uses everything you say on the website as context clues to piece it together. If you manage a barbershop in Montrose but you don’t say “barbershop” or “Montrose” (or Houston, for that matter) on your website, how can you expect Google to know to direct the right users to your company? Forthea builds content that’s relevant to your location and your industry to ensure that Google has enough information to send the right customers to your website.

Local SEO & Near Me

To understand how quickly search terms using “near me” have become prevalent, we turn to Google’s own data. In six years, the term has gone from totally unused to an all-time high. This is the most extreme case of local search practice because a user isn’t interested in a broad city term like Houston, or even a neighborhood like Midtown or all points Downtown, but the area immediately near them, and your prospects and future repeat customers are always near you.

Is your website taking advantage of mobile users searching for your product using “near me” in Houston?

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