At our core, we are driven to experience the joy of helping others be more successful. We get there by balancing two important contrasting workflows: implementation/tactics and strategy/theory. This balance is represented by two ancient goddesses, Fortuna + Thea. Together, they give us our name: FORTHEA.


Fortuna + Thea


Fortuna represents realism and truth. We think of Fortuna as what is physically possible—the brutal truth. In our day to day, she represents our practical tactics and implementation of our best practices.


Thea represents imagination and the abstract. She reminds us of what is theoretically possible with limitless optimism. We see Thea as our creative strategy where we dream up new ideas.

It's about balance.

In life, we are constantly seeking balance: between career and family, relaxation and hustle, duty and dreams. This is no different in marketing and business. To us, strategy (Thea) and implementation (Fortuna) go hand-in-hand. We never have one without the other, as both are necessary for true success.

Think of Forthea as a balance between:

  • Theory + Practice
  • Abstract + Realism
  • Imagination + Truth

Our Philosophy

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