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Top 3 Open Source Tools for Web Development

Top 3 Open Source Tools for Web Development

The most useful tools and applications that can help you accomplish your web development tasks are usually free or open source, which means anyone can utilize them without any restrictions of having to purchase a license.

The best feature of any open source tool is usability and functionality. My top three choices have definitely helped me on many web development projects. Of course there are countless open source tools and applications you should definitely look into, but I’ve narrowed my list down to the just the ones I use on a daily basis.

Here are my three favorite open source tools that are my go-to resources when building a new website:

1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap (aka “Twitter Bootstrap”) is a front-end framework or tool that helps with web development, more specifically responsive or mobile web design. Many modern websites utilize a framework that easily takes a web layout and creates a fluid experience for users, whether they’re browsing on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Bootstrap allows for this improved user experience (although it’s typically naked to the eye), but definitely something we web developers should keep an eye on. One of my favorite things about Bootstrap is the components and JavaScript library that empowers web developers to create awesome user experience on a website and is pretty flawless to implement.

2. Firebug

Firefox’s Firebug plugin has been nothing short of a savior for web development, and it’s totally free! With Firebug, you’re able to edit and debug your web development project in real-time AND preview the changes you make with your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code. This will save you a lot of time (and money) when it comes updating your code to improve the look or functionality of your website. The live preview of code updates has to be my favorite thing about Firebug. There’s also an extension available for Chrome browsers as well, but I typically stick to Firefox for troubleshooting and testing.

3. FileZilla

To quickly access the backend of your websites and transfer files between your local machine and the server, I’d recommend FileZilla. Not only is it the most popular file transfer protocol (FTP) application out there, it’s also the most effortless one I’ve used to date. What I like most about this free application, is that it prompts a notification before every file transfer (you can opt out of this easily) just in case you’ve already made the transfer or clicked on the wrong file to move onto the server. This application also makes it easy to edit HTML, CSS, and other code files easily internally, but can also utilize external applications for you to edit your code.

Did I miss one? Let us know your top open source tools in the comments below and maybe they’ll make our next list.

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