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Social Media Marketing Myths

Social Media Marketing Myths

Social media is all around us today.  With a new social platform seeming to come out each year, myths and questions if they are good for your brand will begin to surface.  Here are some of the most common myths on social media marketing; hopefully you see things clearer after reading.

My customers are not on Social Media, why should we?

With numbers like over a billion Facebook users, 170 million active Twitter accounts, and 100 million Google + users, your customers are bound to have at least one of the semi addicting accounts. A poll conducted last year calculated 58% of people are a member of at least one social network.  Study shows that 79% of businesses use social media with including blogs for product or services marketing.  Don’t be the odd man out, use social media to attract your customer base.  They are there waiting on you!

So many outlets, do I sign up for all?

This is all on you.  We understand that if you sign up for every social media channel, it can be a hassle to keep up with each and every one.  Research the numbers and material that will be marketed according to your company and decide if one or five social media channels would be best suitable.

I can’t show personality via postings.

Although your posted content should be predominantly targeted to your demographic within you company’s line of work, it is important to show some personality.  We all work hard throughout the day; a little humor here and there can be the slightest relief that helps you gets through that late afternoon feeling.  Office humor seems to get the trick done; throw in memes, pictures, or those interesting articles we tend to come across.

Social media doesn’t drive sales in the end.

This may be the biggest social media myth in online marketing.  Social media is more than just interacting with your customers; it’s about creating leads and generating followers and new customers for your brand.  Putting the time and effort into social media marketing is worth it in the end – let the profit show as proof.

Social media is only for young people.

A few statistics right off the bat to help sued you off this myth:

  • 40% of Facebook’s active users are over age 35.
  • 52% of 55-64 year old internet users have joined a social network.
  • 93% of U.S. adult internet users are on Facebook.

Do not think that Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. is ruled by just teenagers gossiping, the numbers above prove that consumers make up a rather large portion of the total population on these sites.

Social Media gives people a place to bash my company.

                If anyone wants to post harsh words about your product or company, they will.  At times you cannot help what gets said on your brand online not on social media sites.  You getting a Facebook page will not make a difference; even if you come across negative feedback on your Facebook or Twitter page, engage in it.  Not only are you helping in that one particular case, but you’re showing your followers you will respond in exchange it builds the customer/consumer relationship. Lead anyone with an issue to your websites blog section for a solution.

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