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The Brief.

In 2013, Prometheus approached Forthea for digital marketing help. Specifically, Prometheus saw the SEO success of Forthea clients in other markets of the real estate category. Fresh off a redesign and digital strategy shift, the client needed strong, independent SEO leadership to gain visibility and leads. Forthea created a comprehensive organic marketing plan for the massive Prometheus portfolio: 70 properties along the west coast and multiple websites. Spoiler alert: Prometheus has a 40% year over year (YoY) lift in leads for the quarter.

The Challenge.

Creating an SEO strategy for an apartment property is complex (pun intended). In fact, creating a strategy for 70 properties in some of the nation’s most competitive markets – Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle – is downright tricky. Additionally, we worked with Prometheus to prioritize properties against leasing stage and marketing spend. Forthea stepped up as an expert digital marketing partner; helping Prometheus with analytics, content, data management, reporting and more.

The Strategy.

Our mission was to drive non-branded organic traffic and conversions to unique property profiles that targeted high opportunity search markets.  The Prometheus portfolio is known for its breadth, but also depth. Forthea juggled several intricate market scenarios with properties only standing a few blocks apart. In close partnership with the client’s marketing, technical and brand teams, Forthea coordinated efforts across hundreds of pages to optimize each property.

The Results.

The SEO and digital marketing program by Forthea produced a 10% year-over-year increase in organic traffic (10,000 more visits per month) and 40% more leads for Prometheus. Our ongoing work continues to increase the visibility and online conversions of the Prometheus web properties.

The Stats.

73 Properties

15 Websites

10% Increase in Organic Year-Over-Year Traffic

40% Lift In Leads Compared to the Same Quarter In 2013

297% Increase Of Keywords On Google SERPs 1-3

693% Lift In Google 1st Page Keyword Rankings