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The Brief.

Forthea began working with MATCOR in 2012. We performed an extensive audit of existing pay per click (PPC) advertising efforts. In this audit we identified inefficiencies and a lack of coherent strategy. With a plan in place, we streamlined the massive web of MATCOR’s pay per click advertising efforts. The result was more efficient spending and a higher volume of qualified leads.

The Challenge.

MATCOR approached us in search of assistance with PPC advertising and management. Upon finding the numerous issues, we undertook a complete overhaul of their PPC efforts with the goal of targeting the most relevant traffic and increasing overall conversions.

The Strategy.

We developed a paid search strategy based on client objectives, past campaign performance data, user engagement report analysis in Google Analytics and a competitive landscape breakdown.  We identifying growth opportunities and established areas of wasted ad spend and created a highly targeted, niche search campaigns and behavioral remarketing strategies aimed to increase relevancy strategies and quality leads while reducing costs.

The Stats.

Reduced spend by 234%


Increased Click Through Rate by 2,400%

Improved Average Position from 4.7 to 1.03

The Results.

The strategies and tactics used by Forthea to maximize MATCOR’s PPC efforts resulted in more efficient spending, greater reach and substantial improvements in quality of search traffic which led to an overall growth in leads.

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