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Case Study: The Dinerstein Company

  • The Dinerstein Company - Millennium High Street
The Dinerstein Companies

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The Brief.

Forthea is a full-service digital partner with The Dinerstein Companies. We have designed all its property websites and work closely with Dinerstein to maximize online efficiencies both through search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) for more than 25 unique properties.

The Site.

As The Dinerstein Companies develop new properties, our challenge at Forthea is to create a unique strategy for each property that builds a distinctive, but connected brand. As a full service digital partner, Forthea works closely with Dinerstein to develop websites for each property designed for custom audiences.

The SEO.

Dinerstein launched a new luxury property in the very competitive Houston market. The long relationship between the two companies allows Forthea SEO specialists to build a successful brand strategy that grew organic traffic at a rate of 12% month over month through the first 15 months.

The PPC.

With the competitive landscape of the luxury apartment market being at an all-time high, relevancy and placement are paramount. Forthea successfully utilized vital bid modifiers (device, geo, day of week, and hour of day) to capitalize on the top performing search traffic to ensure top placement and high profitability.

The Results.

Through the partnership between The Dinerstein Companies and Forthea, a digital strategy was created and implemented for this new Houston property. Forthea developed a property website, wrote on-page copy, optimized for SEO, and designed a PPC campaign. All of the components were developed in house and worked in tandem to increase traffic, leads, and ultimately conversions. This holistic approach has driven a thriving partnership that results in the success of individual properties as well as the larger online brand.

The Stats.

2,264% Estimated ROI on SEO in Year 1

12% Avg. Monthly Organic Growth

1,034% ROI in PPC Campaigns

6.18% Conversion Rate