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Chipman Relocations

Chipman Relocations

Chipman Relocation and Logistics.

The Brief.

After designing and developing a new website for Chipman Relocations, a national moving company with multiple offices and warehouses in the U.S. as well as an international division, Forthea began Chipman’s digital marketing strategy. Within a few months of initiating SEO, Chipman’s non-brand organic search traffic increased 612%.

The Challenge.

The moving industry is highly competitive. Chipman needed improved visibility in search for both residential and commercial services at the local and national level. At campaign start, Chipman received less than 200 monthly visits from organic search.

The Strategy.

Forthea developed an organic strategy that included a blend of service-related and geo-targeted keywords. We developed optimized content focused on specific services and locations, increasing non-brand search traffic, while also promoting the brand and building a social media presence.

The Results.

In the first year, Chipman’s number of keywords sending organic traffic increased exponentially. Over the four years since the beginning of the campaign, organic search traffic has steadily increased providing quality leads and conversions.

The Stats.

Ranking Keywords Increased By 282% in Year 1


Organic Traffic Up 1,700%

Organic Conversions Up 6,000%

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