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Mobile Surpasses Print Media: Are You Making Smart Advertising Spends?

Mobile Surpasses Print Media: Are You Making Smart Advertising Spends?

If you are still pouring advertising dollars into print media, you need to take a look at the new eMarketer findings. You won’t even need to read the report, although it includes some interesting information and it is certainly worth the time spent doing so.

Scroll down to the chart showing “Share of Average Time Spent per Day with Select Media by US Adults vs. US Ad Spending Share” for 2011. If seeing that data is not enough to convince you to switch your ad spends, nothing will.

Time spent by adults on mobile phones is up 30 percent, giving it an estimated 10.1 percent share of media usage each day, yet the ad spending share on mobile only reached 0.9 percent in 2011. Advertising dollars put into in newspapers is still high, a 15 percent share, although daily time spent reading print news is just a 4 percent share. Magazines also enjoyed much more of an ad spend share than deserved, considering our usage.

The ad spending share on TV is where it should be (we’re still watching TV), and the money spent on online marketing services is getting close to where it should be. If you are allocating your advertising budgets to those, you’re spending wisely.

As for most of the other media, you may need to think about changing your budgets. Going into 2012, it’s definitely time to do so.

Terri Stevens
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