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Making Interactive Marketing Terminology Plain English for the Average Joe

Making Interactive Marketing Terminology Plain English for the Average Joe

“Captain, code eleven on a suspect who has been detained and has a multiple outstanding charges and FTP’s, do I have your 10-4 to bring them in for further questioning?”

In any field of work there is a certain language or jargon that is created and used to communicate amongst other professionals in your field. Being new to the field of interactive marketing, I find myself learning new terms daily and continually looking up and asking everyone around me what different acronyms stand for and how they relate to the world of interactive marketing.

Whether you are a new client who is also unfamiliar with internet marketing verbiage or you just want to learn more about how to communicate with people in the internet marketing field there are many helpful tools and resources that can be used to help you get along and become an expert. It doesn’t matter who you are or why you want to learn, having this knowledge available has been a beneficial asset to my professional development and personal growth.

I have researched multiple sites and found that this site has been the most simple to navigate as well as the most helpful. This site not only provides basic definitions for terms but it also breaks the terminology down into smaller sub groups such as social media terms, e-commerce terms and, search engine optimization terminology; or should I say SEO terminology?!

Be sure to set this page to your favorites to help optimize your success in understanding interactive marketing terminology and before long you will be the one that other people ask when they don’t know what a “splash page” is or what PPC stands for.

Good luck my friends, I look forward to hearing about what all of you were able to grasp and learn from this helpful link. Please feel free to share any other helpful sites that you may have found in the comment box below!

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