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Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing
Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing is more important now than ever. Not surprising, considering at least 97% of consumers shop online for products and services in their local areas. Some make purchases online, others research before or during in-store visits. About 90% of them use search engines to do so.

Will potential new customers find your business when they are ready to purchase?

Think of it this way: if you’re searching for a hair salon in Houston, you will most likely choose the salon that ranks within the first few organic rankings within Google or Bing. You need your business to be findable.

How Forthea Can Help

The first step to improving your visibility in local search is to claim and optimize your online local listings. Forthea can do this for you. We can get you listed where you’re not already, and work to ensure consistency in all of the listings. This not only builds trust with search engines and improves rankings, but also prevents the distribution of incorrect information about your business.

How well your local listings and website rank in search results depends on numerous factors. For instance, the business phone number you list should be one with a local area code. You can list a toll-free number, too, but it should be secondary. Also, reviews of your business can help increase rankings, but if you acquire too many in a short period of time Google will consider your listing as spam and act accordingly.

The Forthea team stays current regarding search engine guidelines and ranking factors so you don’t have to. Contact us today to get your business optimized for local search marketing in Houston or wherever your customers are located!

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