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How to Increase Website Credibility

How to Increase Website Credibility

Did you know that increasing website credibility can help increase your conversions? Even without testing it yourself, it’s a reasonable conclusion. Make your website seem more credible and visitors will be more likely to convert.


Just about anyone can get a website set up online. Many do with the sole purpose of scamming people. Unless you are a big brand like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon or Disney – one where website credibility is already perceived _ your site should include credibility indicators.

In the Stanford University report What Makes Web Sites Credible? A report on a large quantitative study, we learn that “credibility perceptions result from evaluating multiple dimensions simultaneously.” The two key components of credibility researchers have identified are trustworthiness and expertise.

“What this means is that in evaluating credibility, a person makes an assessment of both trustworthiness and expertise to arrive at an overall credibility assessment.”

If you know how to increase website credibility you can make visitors feel more comfortable about buying your products and submitting their personal information online. You can also more easily persuade them with your message. They may not be consciously aware of it, but credibility factors influence their perceptions and actions.

So, you want your website to include indicators of trustworthiness and expertise. Here are a few tips for doing so:

  • Ensure your business logo and website are professional designed. If not, design new ones.
  • Put your phone number on your site and make it easily found, preferably on all pages. Very few businesses can get away with not adding a phone number to their website.
  • Put your physical address on your site. Do not use a P.O. box, if possible.
  • If you don’t already have one, add an About Us page. Include bios highlighting the expertise of top level management/employees. Show photos of these people, real people within your company, rather than using iStock images. Use wording to not only show their expertise, but also that they are likable people with families and hobbies.
  • Add any applicable badges to your site such as a BBB logo or VeriSign seal.
  • Build content in your website including articles and blog posts that show your expertise.
  • Provide credible associations. If your customers/vendors are notable companies or people with recognizable names, highlight that on your site.
  • Add testimonials/quotes from real people.
  • Avoid errors on your site including broken links, misspelled words, typos, etc.
  • Make your website easy to navigate.
  • Use clean URLs so people know what to expect when they arrive on the page, and make sure they find it.
  • If you have a blog, keep it updated. Don’t let months pass without adding a new post.
  • If you sell products on your site, state your return and order cancelation policy. Provide shipping information.
  • Ensure your website includes a privacy policy. Few people will read it, but it needs to be available.
  • Add social media share, Facebook Like, and Google+ 1 buttons. Seeing that other people like and share your website can influence the visitor to like it as well.
  • Show you are active in social media. Active Twitter and Facebook feeds help, as does a large following.
  • Build business listings in multiple reliable sources online.
  • Give media interviews and distribute press releases frequently.
  • Build positive reviews of your business on third-party review sites.

Have additional tips to help increase website credibility? Share them in the comments below!

If you want to partner with a firm that knows how to increase website credibility, contact Forthea Interactive Marketing. We’d enjoy discussing how the team can help take your website _ and your business _ to the next level.

Terri Stevens
Terri Stevens is an SEO specialist for Forthea. She loves to travel, especially aboard cruise ships (floating casinos!), and spends free time with family and enjoying the outdoors.


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