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How Online Business Reviews Impact Local SEO

How Online Business Reviews Impact Local SEO

Tech-savvy SMBs know that online business reviews can impact their local SEO as well as their bottom line, and they do what they can to make that impact a positive one.  Some go overboard, or move in the wrong direction. The successful ones can rule their local market.

Ruler of Local Search

So what do they know that you don’t?

First, they understand that online business reviews do matter – a lot. The quantity of reviews is among top local search ranking factors. If you want to rank well in local search, you need online business reviews. You can bet your competitors will ensure they have them. If service/ product keywords are included in the reviews, that can help boost rankings, too.

These tech-savvy SMBs also know that rating in reviews can make a difference. Ratings in reviews are among top local search ranking factors because search engines don’t want to refer consumers to bad businesses.  Ratings can also impact click-thru rates.

Most importantly, never forget that your potential customers read online business reviews. In fact, 89% of consumers will research and read reviews before making a purchase decision and 90% of those say they trust the reviews. Read more in Related Stats / Figures at GrabStats.com.

Now you know a few of the reasons why online business reviews are so important. In the next post I’ll get into how to respond to reviews, how to get positive reviews and how to avoid losing those reviews you worked so hard to get.

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