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Forthea Wins Award for Raizner Slania Law Firm Microsite

Forthea Wins Award for Raizner Slania Law Firm Microsite

We are super excited and proud to have received an Award of Excellence for website development at the 2016 BMA Lantern Awards. Forthea won the award for a microsite project we launched for a law firm client, completed this year.

Raizner Slania Law Firm Microsite

Forthea presented a litigation law firm client with a campaign strategy to increase NCAA concussion plaintiffs. The law firm had a NCAA landing page, which wasn’t generating much traffic or ranking in search engine results. The competition to corner market share with this lawsuit was heating up and the law firm wanted to secure its position as a go-to resource for plaintiffs.

“After two months, the microsite generated a 342% increase in year-over-year organic traffic and a 404% increase in goal completions as compared to the NCAA landing page on the company’s main website.”

The goal of the microsite was to educate potential plaintiffs and their families about the severity of concussion injuries, inform them of potential future complications and define an athlete’s eligibility for financial reparations. The time frame to present the site was three weeks, which was completed on time and within budget. Measurable results would be presented within 3-5 months.

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Target Audience and KPI

The law firm represents plaintiffs in complex injury litigation. College athletes that endured concussions with lasting health implications could be eligible to file a lawsuit for financial reparations.

In newly filed cases, the NCAA concussion plaintiffs are claiming that universities, conferences, and the NCAA were all negligent in handling head injuries. They are now seeking financial compensation for concussions sustained in their college athletic careers.

Forthea presented a plan for a microsite that would address the top of the funnel with side effects education to the bottom funnel with conversions from plaintiffs requesting lawsuit consultation. The site would detail the severity of the concussion injuries with a strategy to drive conversions from potential plaintiffs. The KPI would be conversions from the contact form and traffic from organic search.

Creative Design

Forthea incorporated high impact imagery with interactive elements and well-placed calls to action (CTA). The goal was to keep readers on one page but divide the information into distinct sections. Designers included animated elements and image carousels to illustrate brain trauma and potentially long-lasting brain damage. An accordion element was created to provide frequently asked questions (FAQ). The sticky navigation keeps the navigation in view as a user scrolls or jumps between sections. The sections are built on parallax to provide a visually pleasing transition between sections and maintain a football-centric theme. View the microsite here.

Measurable Results

Our team put together an analytics presentation after two months. The microsite was generating a 342% increase in year-over-year organic traffic and a 404% increase in goal completions as compared to the NCAA landing page on the company’s main website.

In addition, the microsite enabled the law firm to rank on the first page of a Google search for keywords that did not previously have any search engine visibility. These included high-value terms such as NCAA concussion lawyer, NCAA concussion lawsuit and NCAA concussion litigation.

BMA Lantern Award Law Firm Microsite

Holly Gary
Holly is the Director of Corporate Marketing at Forthea. She leads the strategic and creative direction of Forthea’s digital marketing and public relations activities. You can find her in the woodshop building furniture or doing yoga in the backyard. She is new mom to baby Mazzy and a babywearing enthusiast.

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