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Get Started With Facebook Multi-Product Ads

Get Started With Facebook Multi-Product Ads

It has been a busy first quarter for social media marketing! Facebook rolled out multi-product (carousel) ads to Power Editor last month and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, released their new carousel-based ad unit in early March. It’s also rumored that Pinterest will be joining the fun with a new “multi-pin carousel” ad unit. It is no surprise that social media marketing is moving towards this carousel ad format. It offers advertisers the ability to serve more information in the same amount of space.

Highlight Your Product Features

Before Facebook multi-product ads you were limited to one image that had to demonstrate all of the highlights of your product or service. With Facebook multi-product ads, you can advertise up to 5 images in a single ad unit on both mobile and desktop. This is great for ecommerce, but really can work well for just about anyone.

Here is an example of a desktop multi-product ad for student apartments:

facebook multi-product ads example

Besides just highlighting product features you can also showcase your top selling products, multiple promotions/offers, product benefits – the possibilities are only as endless as your imagination. You can even go as far as incorporating custom audiences. With custom audiences you can target users who have previously visited your website, including segments that visit key pages to create hyper-targeted combinations. You can read more about combining multi-product ads and enhanced custom audiences here.

Multi-Product Ad Creation

Multi-product ads must be created in Power Editor. So, now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with Power Editor if you have never used it before. It’s simply a more advanced tool for managing and creating Facebook ads.

To get started, click over to Power Editor in the Ads Manager area of Facebook. During the ad creation process you’ll see the option for single or multiple image ads:

facebook multiple image carousel ad selection

You must incorporate at least three images, but can use up to five. Facebook recommends using 600 x 600 pixel images and you do have the ability to reposition your ad image after it has uploaded. In addition, each image gets its own headline and an optional description which should be around 30 characters. You can also assign unique destination URLs for each image to take users to the most relevant page possible.  The cost for Facebook multi-product ads is the same as a single image ad and Facebook gives you the choice of a CPC or CPM model.

Multi-Product Ad Performance

We have analyzed the results from Facebook (as well as the results from other advertisers) and the multi-product ads are performing at a better rate.

In the first week of utilizing multi-product ads for a client, we were already seeing the increase in engagement. Here is the data we pulled from Google Analytics:

facebook multi-product ad conversion results

As you can see, the multi-product ads have a higher number of clicks AND the visitors are much more engaged, spending a longer time on site and actually converting.

Contact the Experts

Facebook multi-product ads allow you to reach very specific audiences and serve highly targeted ads that highlight the features and benefits of your business or product. They can work well for almost any industry! If you’re not already taking advantage of this new Facebook ad feature then contact Forthea to get started.

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