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Facebook Business Marketing – Metrics You Should Live By for Success

Facebook Business Marketing – Metrics You Should Live By for Success

Google Analytics IQ Test

One of the newest functions of Facebook is the Insights tab found under the Friend Activity tab (if you are an administrator of the page).  This feature allows administrators to get “under the hood” to see metrics and analyze data about their Facebook page. Let’s call it the Google Analytics of Facebook, within the Facebook platform.

First, one of the most important metrics in the graph is “People Talking about This.”  This metric specifically describes the number of people who are engaging with your content in some format.  This is inclusive to, but not limited to, Liking your page, answering a poll, tagging items on your page, or commenting.  The reason this metric is important is because you can study and analyze the data on a weekly basis to understand exactly which pieces of content or “status updates” are more engaging than others which allows you to tweak your strategy accordingly.

One of the best ways to boost engagement in social media is to post a question.  Engage your customer by giving them a call-to-action – whether it is an opinion on a trending topic or a question about your product or service.  This helps customers to feel as though they are an integral part of your brand and the conversation.

The second metric that is important is tied in closely with Search Engine Optimization.  The metric called “External Referrers” found under the Reach tab in Insights will show you how many times an external link pushed Facebook followers to your business page.

This is similar to referring sites in Google Analytics, as it helps you to know which external sites are good to continue a relationship and understand true data points on the referral.  One of the main reasons this is good for your business is because customers are judging your Facebook page as a way to view the personality of your brand.  In doing so, they also take a look at your About Section to find your website – so it is pertinent to ensure you have your website link so they can easily find it through Facebook.  In addition, it is important for your site to have social media buttons as well – so you can track how many customers are going back and forth between both pages.  These buttons should be on every single page of your site, so if they read content on your website that they want to talk about in a dynamic, real-time manner they can.

The third most important metric in Insights is also under the Reach Tab, and it is called Who You Reached.  This metric tells you the age group, location, and gender of Facebook followers who are interested in your content.  For new businesses, this is extremely important to look at, so you can understand your segmentation from a social media perspective.  In order for this metric to show up, you have to have at least 30 people in the 7 days proceeding the last day of your selected date range.

Understanding segmentation and who you are marketing to is important from a business perspective. In addition, it also shows location, which can in turn effect your marketing strategy – from PPC, SEO, and e-mail marketing.  Know that it is important to look at which countries and languages people are coming from to view your site – as you could double your business by expanding into countries internationally for your product.

These new Facebook features are Forthea’s favorites and I hope you find them helpful while navigating social media for your business.

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