05 Feb

Learn about applying advanced analytics to marketing's top challenges and unlocking the true value hidden in your data.

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What You'll Learn

When your competition is doing it (or trying to do it), not being able to unlock the true value hidden in your data puts you at a competitive disadvantage and leaves money on the table.

Most medium and small enterprises still face the challenge of how to wrestle a large array of data resources into coherent, effective growth strategies. Without a clear roadmap of turning data resources into growth opportunities, the explosion in data could potentially lead to clutter, distraction and misuse.

Join us and hear practical methodologies used to combine digital marketing data with sales insights for a true view on strategic planning, forecasting, and measurement. 

Market Intelligence

Uncover trends in market demands to adjust digital strategies over time and across markets.

Marketing Mix

Improve attribution analysis, ROI calculation, and allocating media budgets.

Lead Scoring

Predict the probability of conversion and expected revenue to prioritize sales efforts.

PPC Incrementality

Quantify the synergy and/or cannibalization between your PPC and SEO initiatives to eliminate waste.


Welcome & Introductions


Playing Moneyball with Marketing Analytics (Forthea)


Marketing in the Age of Assistance (Google)


Q&A + Raffle

What Previous Attendees Say:

I was glad I was able to attend. I especially enjoyed Forthea's presentation on leveraging PPC for business intelligence and on the impact of PPC on SEO, and their discussion around multi-touch attribution for digital channels was interesting!

The venue.

Fleming's Steakhouse2405 West Alabama Street
Houston, TX 77098

  • Date05 Feb
  • Time11a - 1p
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ChrisPappasPresident, Forthea

Chris is passionate about making a difference for clients, improving their bottom lines, and helping them communicate with consumers like never before.

Chris Pappas
RexDu, Ph.D.Director, Advanced Analytics, Forthea

Rex Yuxing Du is the Bauer Professor of Marketing, Director of Ph.D. Programs at the Bauer College of Business, University of Houston and collaborates with Forthea in developing advanced analytics solutions.

Rex Du, Ph.D.
SherriHealyAgency Development Manager, Google

Sherri Healy is an Agency Development Manager at Google, focusing on strategic growth and development with Premier Google Partners like Forthea. Prior to joining Google, she launched and built her career in traditional media with a heavy emphasis and digital focus. Outside of work Sherri is a lover of sharks (the animal), is a serial shopper and a makeup junkie.

Sherri Healy
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