22 Feb

Lunch Event: Liberty Kitchen, Houston TX

As marketers, setting the budget plan for each budgeting cycle is probably the most consequential decision we make year in and year out. Yet, it is a  complex decision that requires a lot of guesstimates and judgment calls. 

With so much at stake and so little hard evidence, oftentimes we end up second guessing:

  • Have we allocated the budget optimally across different media channels, both digital and traditional?
  • Have we allocated the budget optimally across different markets/lines of business/brands/products?
  • Have we allocated the budget optimally across days of the week and weeks/months/quarters of the year?
  • Will we be able to hit the lead generation goals/sales targets with the budget plan?
  • What would happen to leads/sales if we were to increase or decrease the budget by certain amounts and reallocate it?
  • Ultimately, how can we convince the powers that be that, all things considered, our budget plan is optimal and the money will be well spent?

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Join us for Lunch and You'll Learn:

  • How to leverage market intelligence for smarter budget planning

  • How data and advanced analytics can help address the questions above

  • See a goal-based, data-driven budget planner in action

Market Intelligence

Hear from experts on how to leverage brand, consumer, and competitor data for smarter budget planning.

Predictive Budget Planning

See examples of budget planning models that are reducing time spent and increasing accuracy when it comes to goal-based marketing budgets.


Welcome + Introductions


Marketing Intelligence for Smarter Budget Planning




Lunch + Networking

What Previous Attendees Say:

I was glad I was able to attend. I especially enjoyed Forthea's presentation on leveraging PPC for business intelligence and on the impact of PPC on SEO, and their discussion around multi-touch attribution for digital channels was interesting!

The venue.

Liberty Kitchen4224 San Felipe St
Houston, Texas 77027

  • Date22 Feb
  • Time11a - 1p
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HollyGaryDirector, Corporate Marketing, Forthea

Holly leads the strategic and creative direction of building and managing the brand of the agency, demand generation, and pipeline forecasting. She specializes in account-based marketing, digital marketing, analytics, and customer engagement. Holly brings over a decade of omnichannel marketing experience with a background in technology and business services industries.

Holly Gary
RexDu, Ph.D.Director, Advanced Analytics, Forthea

Rex Yuxing Du is the Bauer Professor of Marketing, Director of Ph.D. Programs at the Bauer College of Business, University of Houston and collaborates with Forthea in developing advanced analytics solutions.

Rex Du, Ph.D.
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