02 Nov

Improve the impact of marketing analytics on driving business outcomes. CMOs that are unable to quantify the relationship between marketing data and the bottom line are struggling, according to a recent Gartner survey.

Join us and hear proprietary methodologies around advanced analytics (budget planning, market intelligence, attribution) that are helping businesses drive growth and reduce the clutter and misuse of unactionable data.

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What You'll Learn

Uncover the true value hidden in your data. Learn how advanced analytics is solving marketing's top challenges like multi-touch attribution and driving growth through predictive budget planning and market intelligence.

Most medium and small enterprises still face the challenge of how to wrestle a large array of data resources into coherent, effective growth strategies. Without a clear roadmap of turning data into growth opportunities, the explosion in data could potentially lead to clutter, distraction, and misuse.

Join us and hear sophisticated methodologies used to better understand your data and how to leverage it for optimized performance, competitive advantage, and better business decision-making.

Market Intelligence

Support data-driven decision making with sophisticated market intelligence driven by insights from consumer demand.

Budget Planning

Uncover insights from your data for attribution analysis, ROI calculation, and allocating media budgets.


Driving Growth through Advanced Analytics - The CMO's Secret Weapon


Market Intelligence Driven by Search


Budget Planning for Predictive ROI




Lunch + Networking

What Previous Attendees Say:

I was glad I was able to attend. I especially enjoyed Forthea's presentation on leveraging PPC for business intelligence and on the impact of PPC on SEO, and their discussion around multi-touch attribution for digital channels was interesting!

The venue.

Fleming's Steakhouse2405 W Alabama St
Houston, Texas 77098

  • Date02 Nov
  • Time11a - 1p
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ChrisPappasPresident, Forthea

Chris is passionate about making a difference for clients, improving their bottom lines, and helping them communicate with consumers like never before.

Chris Pappas
RexDu, Ph.D.Director, Advanced Analytics, Forthea

Rex Yuxing Du is the Bauer Professor of Marketing, Director of Ph.D. Programs at the Bauer College of Business, University of Houston and collaborates with Forthea in developing advanced analytics solutions.

Rex Du, Ph.D.
HollyGaryDirector, Corporate Marketing, Forthea

Holly leads the strategic and creative direction of building and managing the brand of the agency, demand generation, and pipeline forecasting. She specializes in account-based marketing, digital marketing, analytics, and customer engagement. Holly brings over a decade of omnichannel marketing experience with a background in technology and business services industries.

Holly Gary
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