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EntreLeadership: Our Day with Dave Ramsey and Company

EntreLeadership: Our Day with Dave Ramsey and Company

Last week, a few of our team members were privileged to attend an EntreLeadership day workshop with Dave Ramsey and a few other speakers. EntreLeadership is a school of thought from entrepreneur Dave Ramsey, known for combining the best parts of leaders and entrepreneurs (Hence EntreLeadership). His relationship-driven approach to business continues to be a proven model for success.

It was a fun time and useful learning experience for all of us who attended. Furthermore, we would like to share our experiences from the day with you. For the sake of organizing all the smart insights and concepts from the day, this post will outline why we attended, what we learned and how the day can be applied. Let’s jump in!

Why We Attended

A great thinker named Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. Ergo, we will open up this post by asking, “Why on Earth would we take a full day away from the people and work we enjoy to attend a workshop?” Fortunately, the preceding question has a simple answer.

The EntreLeadership principles are actually engrained into the Forthea culture. The original EntreLeadership book is required reading for new team members. Reading EntreLeadership is a bit like watching one of your favorite movies. Each time you experience it, you pick up on a new insight or perspective. As we continue to grow as people and team members, our perspective shifts slightly and we enjoy new wisdom each time we go through EntreLeadership. With that said, let’s take a look at just a few things we learned this time.

What We Learned

1. We exist to awaken the possibility in others.

This particular point resonated very strongly with me. There are two key takeaways from this statement.  The first isn’t actually part of the statement, rather it is part of the mindset you adopt when making this statement. The focus of this point is another person, which means you care about growth, the future and contributing to something that will outlive you. How often do we think about helping others to realize their goals and dreams? I can say this hasn’t captured my focus very often.

2. It’s when you encounter trouble, not if.

It’s a safe statement that business, marketing and many other fields revolve around planning. This of course is a good thing! However, we often will plan only for unchallenged success. Seldom do teams and leaders install contingencies and thought into handling challenges and setbacks. Identifying points of weakness and uncertainty will temper and strengthen your team.

There is also an accompanying thought to this concept:  When you encounter trouble, you know you’re onto something good. If your company is pursuing a new market or building a fresh campaign, trouble will always visit. For example, the scope of a project may appear to be inaccurate, an existing process may not seem effective or a client may not be happy with results. These scenarios happen every day. Be sure to keep this in perspective. When you encounter trouble, this means your plan is being tested and refined. Points of small controlled failure will keep your team alert and constantly seeking ways to better each other.

3. What have you done lately to super serve your clients?

Forthea is an internet marketing company, in the professional services industry. Service industries exist because common business needs are not easily fulfilled due to a lack of energy, expertise or resources.  Coming around to the point of this statement, the service industry exists because of clients. The satisfaction and happiness of your clients is a good indicator of how long and successful your business run will be.

When is the last time you went over the top to make sure a client, partner of vendor was satisfied and happy? This is a relevant question for all Forthea team members. We want to ensure we are constantly providing the best results and value to our clients’ businesses.

How Can We Apply This?

Wrapping things up, there is a lot of knowledge of wisdom in this post courtesy of Dave Ramsey and his team.  Let’s take it one step further, how can you use these learning points today in your business?

1. Actively seek opportunities to serve your clients, team members.

2. Build your relationships and treat others as you want to be treated.

3. Ask practical, actionable questions of those around you. Listen intently; don’t be afraid to go above and beyond what’s normal.

We hope you enjoyed this post. Is there something else valuable you’ve learned from EntreLeadership? Let us know in the comments. Don’t leave your friends in the dark, share this post with them on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

Forthea’s mission is dedicated to helping clients achieve their full potential online through superior marketing that’s delivered with unsurpassed customer service and professionalism.


  1. Great take away Zach! I love that you have to read the book as part of your company culture. That is awesome! How many companies do you know that assign a book to read? Lately I have been doing a ton of work for free. I think that is super serving my clients. I know there is a fine line there but some of these projects have just felt like it’s what I’m suppose to do. I walk away feeling as though I have given something valuable. I’m ok with it. What does an SEO Specialist do to super serve his client?

  2. Zach Doty 7 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback and kind words Pamela! I don’t know of many contemporaries at firms that live out commitment to training and a solid business foundation.

    In regards to super serving, that’s an excellent question. Currently as an SEO Specialist, I think that means helping clients clearly attribute their marketing investment to business profitability. This entails moving beyond search rankings and being a proactive steward of their overall digital strategy and emergent opportunities.

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