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Digital Marketing for Mass Tort Lawyers

Digital Marketing for Mass Tort Lawyers

Digital Marketing for Mass Tort Lawyers

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for law firms across the country. While prominent advertising or positioning in the Yellow Pages was once enough to generate leads, now it’s vital that you capture online users that are Googling about a mass tort case.

Today, attorneys need to appeal to their potential clients online in order to vie for their legal services. As potential clients search online for an attorney or law firm to represent them in a mass tort case, they probably aren’t looking at the second page of search results on Google or Bing. This is why Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is so important. While late-night television ads may have once generated visibility to a case, the targeting was akin to a shotgun – no need to aim, just shoot in a general direction. But with digital marketing, you have people actively searching for your line of service. Instead of using a shotgun, you’ve got a hunting rifle at your disposal.

Organic marketing (also called search engine optimization) is important as well, but PPC campaigns provide the flexibility, immediacy, and control that is required to turn search queries into leads. Because mass tort cases become highly competitive, keyword auctions for key PPC keywords quickly become expensive.

Because the potential return on each converted click can be worth thousands of dollars, the auction is worth your investment. As our digital marketing specialist, Mike Marshall, detailed in a previous blog post, a well-managed mass tort PPC campaign can be a great investment.

As in all marketing endeavors, setting the proper expectations is the key to a campaign’s success. That is why it is so crucial for digital marketing agencies like Forthea to meet with clients monthly and provide transparent reports. These meetings allow for open communication, education, and general feedback on the quality of leads generated via their online campaigns.

Generally, the first three months of an online PPC mass tort campaign provides a baseline of what the client can expect moving forward. During this period, it’s always helpful for them to review which elements of the campaign are driving traffic and converting.

Moving Forward

In closing, mass tort lawyers can benefit greatly from running an online PPC campaign for their legal services. Don’t rely on outmoded marketing tactics, PPC campaigns can get you qualified leads with efficient precision. Tort cases can increase competition in already crowded the market-place, and our clients have already seen value of PPC marketing. Have you?

Have a need for a mass-tort online campaign? Contact us today to see how we can help.

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