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Blogging for Small Business

Blogging for Small Business

Blogging doesn’t come naturally for everyone and blogging is not always appropriate for everyone or every business. However, as a new business, it can offer your website many brilliant benefits that range from brand awareness to SEO efforts. Discovering blog content and creating concepts can often times be quite a challenge. Search engines love to provide those inquiring with fresh, novel content – therefore, generating content that is significant and of substance for your readers is essential.

Before you begin a blog post, remember who your demographic is and what they might be
for. Your blog should be optimized and you should always be providing fresh, valuable content, constantly.

Below are 4 tips to getting click-worthy content onto your blog!

How-To Guides: For many B2B businesses, how-to guides help showcase skills and they can also help to position your employees as thought leaders within your industry. Writing how-to guides not only helps your brand from a positioning stand point, but they also help build trust for your company.

Guest Blogging: There should always be more than one contributing editor on your blog. Diversity in authors is very important because each individual brings different opinions and ideas to light. Although, guest blogging is not the easiest thing to manage, it can create value and trust for your readers. Contemplate opening up your blog for guest posts and allowing other bloggers in your industry to contribute. In the world of guest blogging it’s all about building relationships with the other professionals in your industry – never burn those bridges.

Contests: Running contests and other social campaigns on your blog can help you to retain value and they can also help to generate even more awareness about your brand or company. Contests can be a fun way to reach new customers and help to extend influence and reach quickly.

Add Photos & Videos: Adding photos or videos to your blog helps to not only humanize your blog, but it also works to break up big lumps of text. Images and videos help to interest your readers.

I hope that this post has been of help to you and your company. Do you have any special tips for blogging that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comment box below!

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