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Bing Gains Search Market Share, But Needs More Love

Bing Gains Search Market Share, But Needs More Love


To say a majority of search traffic comes from Google is an understatement, but Bing’s search market share is climbing. Will it one day become a viable Google competitor?

Even with its small market share, Bing holds the number two spot in search today. And its recent increases are notable.

According to comScore’s qSearch reports, Bing’s search market share in both April and May 2011 was at 14.1%. For the same two months in 2012, its share was at 15.4%.

Last May Bing reached 17.4%, up from 17.3 in April. In June, Microsoft’s share increased to 17.9.

The gain did not come at Google’s expense. Google’s search market share also rose in May to 66.7%, up 0.2 from April, and remained unchanged in June.

Yahoo lost 0.1% in May and another .05% in June, putting its share at 11.4%.  AOL, sitting in the fifth spot with 1.3, lost 0.2 in May and remained unchanged in June. Ask, held the fourth largest share with 2.7%. It remained unchanged from the previous two months.

Performance Marketing Insider says Microsoft’s net US search ad revenues are also increasing this year – by a projected 34.3%, according to the eMarketer’s report. Although half the increase expected, it is still a notable jump. Microsoft’s revenues grew faster than any other ad-network through 2011 and 2012.

What’s Moving Bing Up?

Bing is spending lots of money on ad campaigns, including the Bing It On Challenge and Scroogled. Both take aim at Google. Could these campaigns persuade searchers to make the switch?

Not likely. According to Amplicate, 75 percent of people hate Bing. No love for Bing

Negative campaigns against the much loved Google won’t help change that. (When asked about the search giant, 79 percent of 332,625 people said they love Google.)

Only 362 people gave their opinion about Duck Duck Go, the search engine vowing not to track you, but 98 percent of those opinions were positive. Based on opinions at Amplicate, Duck Duck Go is the second most loved search engine. Google is Number 1.

What about the Siri-Bing integration? In Apple’s new IOS 7, Siri shows web results from Bing’s index. Will making it the intelligent personal assistant’s default search engine help Bing gain more searchers? Probably, but we won’t know how much so for months.

Google’s dominance in search will be nearly impossible to topple. It could happen if another search engine proved to provide better results while the quality of Google’s results dropped, but don’t expect it any time soon.

Still, you shouldn’t discount a search engine closing in on 20 percent of the search market share. Nor should you discount other rising search engines. Traffic at Duck Duck Go is soaring and Blekko, which recently unveiled a major redesign, says it currently serves about 12.5 million users. They may not send the traffic Google does, but any site sending you traffic and conversions deserves your attention.

Terri Stevens
Terri Stevens is an SEO specialist for Forthea. She loves to travel, especially aboard cruise ships (floating casinos!), and spends free time with family and enjoying the outdoors.


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