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Forthea – A Name Unlike Other Digital Marketing Companies


You can easily see what sets Forthea apart from other Houston digital marketing companies when you understand the meaning behind our name. “Forthea” represents our abilities as a company and guides our digital marketing strategies.

Forthea – What does it mean?

One of the meanings of the Greek word “thea” is ‘sight’, so taken literally our name means ‘for-sight’.

But there’s another, deeper meaning.

The first part of our name, “Fort-”, is short for the Roman goddess, Fortuna, the goddess of fortune and luck. Throughout history Fortuna was thought responsible for war victories, knight’s fortunes, and the safe return of sailors.

To us, she symbolizes the unpredictable, complex, and messy aspects of the world: the things that lie outside of our direct control, yet are irremovable from our everyday lives. We like her when she’s on our side, but the wheel of fortune can spin against us, turning prosperity into adversity.

That’s where Thea comes in. Thea, was the name of the Greek goddess of light, who represented wisdom, intellect, and purpose. For us, she personifies our dedication to logic and math in our approach to marketing.

Together the two parts of our name represent our ability, as a company, to harness mathematical and logical tools that inform our insights as we deliver tangible results for our clients.

Improve Your Analytics

We approach online marketing campaigns like scientists approach new phenomena. We poke, we prod, we conjecture and we dream about our client’s audiences, their brands, and all possibilities. Moreover, we do it from outside the ivory tower. We roll up our sleeves and get dirty continually testing out new ways to possibly improve a campaign. This last bit is important, because it’s where we turn theory into action.

Forthea represents the balance required to find smart solutions to real problems.