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Our Philosophy

It’s about Results, which in our business means it’s about Sales.

If sales is the lifeblood of every business—and we believe it is—then marketing is its birth mother. And, like a birth mother, marketing plays an absolutely critical role for every business.

A great marketing campaign – one uniting marketing data analytics and creative ideas – gives rise to new opportunities to sell, whether you’re selling shiny gizmos, a cure for cancer, or just yourself. Successful marketing generates opportunities in the form of new leads, repeat customers, votes, friends, etc. Whatever the audience, and whatever the action you want them to take, we believe—without exception—that the way you market to them is effective only insofar as it sells.

We believe in the importance of sales so much, that is has been the guiding principle of our agency. Everything we do is organized around helping our clients sell. By first focusing on our client’s sales and working backwards from there, we’re able to leverage our ideas, experience, and the internet to help them sell more with less of “the fluff”. How do we get results?

Good Ideas and a Sound Method.

Coming up with good ideas is the wellspring of what we do—in fact, most of our campaigns wouldn’t ever get off the ground without some type of fresh thinking. However, being creative involves taking risks. This is something we encourage of ourselves daily.

Every great campaign in the history of marketing started with an idea, the outcome of which couldn’t be fully known upfront. Good ideas take chances, solve problems and are contagious. Good ideas are borne deep in the imagination, and though they may carry a certain level of risk, the positive effects they could have may outweigh 100x any negatives.

Rather than stifle creativity through fear of punishment for less-than-ideal outcomes, we’ve built a culture that embraces it, so long as it is thoughtful and well-considered. But just as good ideas don’t drive our campaigns alone, so do less-than-ideal outcomes not spread too far. At Forthea, they both have help.

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A Framework for Testing and Feedback Mitigates the Risk and Fuels Improvement

If A is working, but B is not, shouldn’t you do more of A and less of B? Of course, and so should your agency. Our emphasis on creativity ensures we’re never short on ideas. But, it’s our proprietary online marketing analysis tools and processes that allow us to put the final stitch in our brand promise of accountability and results.

Together they weave a unique analytical framework capable of testing most creative elements in a campaign and providing rapid feedback to both our teams and clients. Such feedback is used continually to search for, find, and implement potential creative improvements while the campaign is running. This last part is important. It’s like a safety net for a campaign with less-than-ideal outcomes.

At the end of the day, we use creativity, the empirical world (not our opinions), and a bit of good old-fashioned math and logic to build successful campaigns for our clients. The less-than-ideal performers are tossed out (though not forgotten), while the best performers raise the bar for the whole campaign, and earn a target on their backs for new ones to take aim.

The result is a culture of creativity and performance that is capable of driving highly-effective results for our clients. Being able to bring these two together as dance partners is what makes us different.

These core values really just seem like commonsense to us. It’s our worldview. You’ll find it’s also what makes us a highly unique and successful analytical internet marketing company.

If you’re ready for results or just looking to wax philosophical, call us today at 713-568-2763.