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How to Attract Customers – 5 Ways Using Video

How to Attract Customers – 5 Ways Using Video

As a former NBC television producer, I would like to share with you some easy ways to add video to your website or email newsletter. But don’t worry you don’t need experience in a television station control room. Thanks to YouTube and other video sharing websites adding video to your site is now a lot easier than you think.

1) Create a Photo Montage– Do you have photos of your products, workshops, clients, or yourself? Then you can easily create a video for your website. If you are using Windows XP you already have the tools to do this without buying any additional software. Windows Movie Maker has drag and drop features to make creating and editing your movie easier. It allows you to import photos and create a photo-montage with background music and fancy video transitions. You can then use this same tool to upload your video to a video-sharing website. Don’t worry MAC users, newer MACs come with a video editing tool called iMovie. But if you don’t have this software already it is available to purchase.

2) Video Testimonials– If you work with your clients one on one or provide workshops, why not collect video testimonials from them. All you need is a simple video camera and tripod and you’re ready to go. You don’t need a special microphone or videographer because the camera microphone will do just fine. But if you would feel more comfortable you could hire an aspiring movie director from your local community college. Your clients will love being on camera and feel honored you asked them. Then use the same video editing software to get just the right clips and upload them to your website or YouTube. New customers will be impressed!

3) Webcam video of you– Do you have a webcam? If not they cost around $50 and are very easy to use. You can use your webcam to record a special video message discussing your free newsletter and then upload the video to your website. I recommend a service called Instant Video Generator that makes this whole process so easy.

4) Video clip of a recent media interview- Were you recently interviewed on television? If so as long as you receive permission you can display this video clip on your website. If you can’t use the clip directly on your website you can always link to their website, but be careful to check the link frequently to make sure that it is still active. Having a video clip from a media outlet gives you instant credibility with potential clients.

5) Video of your product in action– Website visitors thinking about purchasing a product love to see how it works for people using it. Create a home movie of your product in action. For example, if you’re a wedding planner what about a home movie clip of your latest wedding? Or if you sell purses you could create a video of people wearing your purses.

Now before adding any audio/visual elements to your website please keep in mind these tips. Don’t overwhelm your website visitor. Limit your elements to one or two per page and only use only one element that plays automatically. Also, you don’t need the most expensive camera, microphone, editing software, or web camera to get started. Below are my top recommendations for the technology you will need to get started.

Video Camera

Web Camera- Logitech

Video Editing

Windows Movie Maker, Free

Apple iMovie, Free

Adding Videos To Website



If you loved these ideas on how to add video to your website, but don’t want to mess with the technology, give us a call, and let us provide additional help!

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