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5 PPC 2015 Halloween Tricks

5 PPC 2015 Halloween Tricks

5 PPC 2015 Halloween Tricks

Halloween is a time of the year to try something new and to go outside of your comfort zone. At Forthea, we enjoy celebrating Halloween, dressing up, and eating “spooky” food. We also like to get into the spirit of the holiday with our accounts.

2014 Forthea Halloween Party

(2014 Forthea Halloween Party)

To help everyone get in the spirit, we have associated 5 PPC tactics, strategies, and tips with 5 types of Halloween Costumes! So what type of Halloween costume do you like to wear?


1. The Generic:




Do you go for the costumes that will never go out of style? This is a perfect time to go back to the time-tested basics!

Sure it’s fun to try new things, but when was the last time you checked all your landing pages? All your ad extensions? Cleaned up your keywords? Plus, with the winter holiday season fast approaching, it is the perfect time to make sure all your accounts are up to par.

So here are a few sample PPC audits to get you going:

  • Landing Page Reviews
  • Conversion and Call Tracking Audits
  • Impression Share Reports
  • Ad Extension Audits


2. The Gross Out:


Do you like to scare the bejesus out of people? Well, then go scare your competitors with a conquest campaign!

Halloween is a perfect time to step up your conquest game. Bring your ads back from the dead by telling users what makes you different. Send users to a page that shows what you can do for you customers that your competitors can’t!


3. The Cosplay:


Photo Credits: Robot, Snow White, Deadpool, Anna.

Are you a costuming perfectionist that wants to nail your favorite character?? Then it’s time to step up your display ad game!

New display ads are always a good way to shake up a stale campaign. Here’s something to think about:

A popular online marketing trend is to build native ads that look like they are part of the website. It’s been proven that native ads receive better click through rates than banner or display ads – because… people don’t think of them as ads! If you make the effort to make your AdWords display ads look more native, your campaign can reach new heights.

4. The Throwback:


Photo Credits: Back to the Future, 80s Rocker, Flappers, Renaissance Man

Do you like bringing the past Back to the Future? Reviving your favorite childhood costume? Then it’s time to reawaken the Negative Keyword King!

Negative keywords are essential elements of PPC that will never go away, but with the introduction of RLSAs, Customer Match, Programmatic, and countless bells and whistles, negative keywords can be easily forgotten.

Just pull search query reports, research new negative keywords, and build negative keyword lists to make your campaigns more efficient. For some, negative keywords are second nature, but if you’ve let it slip for a while, there’s no time to waste.

It’s amazing how these little things can affect your campaign’s overall appearance and quality.

5. The Bad Pun:



(Yes that is Davis Baker, PPC Hero’s #15 Most Influential PPC Expert)

(Yes that is Davis Baker, PPC Hero’s #15 Most Influential PPC Expert)

If you can’t resist a good pun (or a good pun costume – here’s looking at you, Davis), put those writing skills to use in your text ads!

Lazy writing can result in horribly generic ads – dubbed “Adwords Jackpot” – where all the text ads are the same. Sure, it’s good to have some basic ad variations but customers respond to all different types of ads and are more likely to click ones that stand out. Yes, even punny ones!

Here are some tips to get the ball rolling:



The holidays can be a busy time, so –––

If you’re in need of help
with your PPC campaign
Who you gonna call



Davis Baker
Davis is the PPC Team Lead at Forthea and a digital advertising veteran of six years. Outside of the office, you can find Davis running, riding his dirt bike, or searching for the perfect cup of coffee (freshly ground and brewed with a French press. Anything less just won't cut it).


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