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5 Creative Remarketing Tactics

5 Creative Remarketing Tactics

Have you ran remarketing campaigns in the past and found them unsuccessful? Perhaps you were going about it all wrong? At Forthea, what we typically see are your standard remarketing audiences like all website visitors or non-converters.

Even worse, many marketers don’t take the time to create unique ads with custom messages for each of their remarketing audiences. This lack of attention to detail can ground a campaign before it even begins.

What You Need to Know About Remarketing

Remarketing is an insanely powerful & engaging SEM strategy that works best when you think creatively and segment your audiences. So before you just start display ad stalking unsuspecting users who made the mistake of visiting your homepage, we’ve broken down 5 ways to get creative with remarketing.

1. Take advantage of cross-selling opportunities

If you run an e-commerce website where products can be purchased and you’ve just sold a handbag to a customer, why not remarket to them with the matching wallet?
It’s also a good idea to look at products normally purchased together either through your shopping cart platform or in Google Analytics (think like Amazon).
In Google Analytics, be sure that you’re using enhanced e-commerce and enable your “related products” option. See the screenshot below:
Google Ecommerce Related Products

2. Upsell to existing customers

Similar to cross-selling, except in this case we would want to encourage past customers to make an even larger purchase than before. One method for this would be to offer a promo code in the ad for the next purchases that are more than whatever dollar amount you’d like.
Below is an example audience which targets visitors who made a purchase of less than $50. We can then serve them ads with a promo code of 10% off their next order of $50 or more.


We did a similar strategy for a client that encourages users to “Bundle & Save.” This targets users who have purchased a specific product before and then advertises a discount for when they buy in bulk.
Custom ad created for the audience:


Here’s how we set the audience up in Google Analytics:


3. Target your repeat customers

This one is pretty straightforward, but many marketers tend to focus on the non-converters, but, customers that have shopped with you before may need a reminder to check out your new inventory or your big sale and they tend to be quicker to convert (low hanging fruit).
It’s a fairly simple audience set up to target users who have made past transactions:


ModCloth does a great job of this. I do a lot of online shopping with them and I love being served an ad to check out the daily new arrivals. When I click the ad, I’m taken directly to the new arrivals page and, of course, I find new (adorable) things to add to my cart (I’m one of those people that collects items in my cart over time).
ModCloth ad example:


4. Take membership duration into account

Think about the seasonality of your business. Are there certain months that tend to perform best? If you sell swimsuits, then it makes sense to retarget customers this summer based on if they purchased a swimsuit last summer. Or perhaps you sell items that expire or get worn out after a certain time. In that case, you would want to set your remarketing membership duration so it covers the time in between when users typically make a second purchase.
To set up the audience in Google Analytics you could specify days since a user’s last session:


Or the date of their first session:


5. Remarket based on content interest

Most websites have content built around products and/or services, so you probably have pages that help support what you are selling. These non-lead generating pages are great for educational and brand awareness purposes. So if a user is showing interest in these pages, it makes sense to remarket to them with a friendly reminder on what sets you apart from competitors. For example, if you are an apartment complex that is LEED certified it makes sense to remarket to users who visited your eco-friendly page with eco-friendly focused ads.
For a new home community client we created school focused ads that get served to users who visited their education page:


In Google Analytics you simply set your audience to target users who visited a specific page(s) within your website:


Get Started

In closing, remarketing doesn’t have to be annoying and ineffective. It just takes a little bit of creativity and a little bit of customization. If you need help taking your paid search program to the next level then give us a call (713) 568-2763. Also, be sure to check out some of our past paid search strategy blog posts by clicking the PPC tag at the top of the post.

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