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4 Reasons Why Your PPC Isn’t Working

4 Reasons Why Your PPC Isn’t Working

We live in a marketing reality where traditional avenues are increasingly unreliable – TV spots are still expensive, but no longer guarantee viewers; the print industry has been floundering for years; direct mail’s efficiency has fallen to new lows – but there’s one thing we know about your customers: they’re online.

At Forthea, we’ve spoken with clients at all stages of digital marketing. From established businesses without any search engine marketing to start ups that had PPC as an integrated part of their business model from day one, and everything in between. A strategic pay per click (PPC) campaign can position your brand in front of customers who are already looking to buy, but not all campaigns are created equally. What we’ve found is, that there are a handful of circumstances that prevent PPC campaigns fail their businesses.

Forthea’s PPC specialists have worked with countless companies, industries, and budgets. If you identify with these scenarios, we can help.

1. Why are we spending so much and getting so little?

Many companies approach PPC campaigns as a part-time component of an employee’s job. This can result in campaigns that are underperforming and expensive.

Case Study: For Dinerstein Companies, the competitive landscape of the luxury apartment market is at an all-time high. Relevancy and placement of PPC is paramount. Forthea successfully utilized vital bid modifiers to capitalize on the top performing search traffic to ensure top placement and high profitability – resulting in 1,034% ROI and 6.18% conversion rates.

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