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10 Plays to Improve Online Conversions

10 Plays to Improve Online Conversions

Now that we’re nearing the mid-point of football season, it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate the playbook.

At Forthea, we’re always looking for ways to improve our clients’ conversions in both search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM). We’re never satisfied with success and always looking for big plays.

That’s why we put together 10 plays to improve conversion rates. We start with a simple, but vital play:

1.   The Off Tackle Run

Conversion Improvement Play 1

Making Sure Everyone Has the Same Playbook

There is no point in even competing if your players are working against each other. The off tackle run is a staple of any playbook, but it only works if everyone is on the same page. The first step in improving conversions, is communication.

Before moving forward with any digital strategy, I beg you to get all of your players on the same team. In my earlier agency days, I used to see it all the time. We would sign a new client and immediately get hard to work.

We’d spend days and nights putting together a great digital strategy. Using their current online creative as a starting point, or even rolling with digital branding guidelines, we would update or rebuild their site, create beautiful display and remarketing ads, nail down the voice, etc.

Then, a moment of clarity would strike. By happenstance, I would drive by one of my client’s billboards or stumble upon one of their TV commercials, and it would become immediately clear that the online and offline marketing teams had been working in silos. Each team used a different messaging, different branding standards, etc.

Create a relationship with your offline team; create a relationship with their vendors; view their reports and communicate regularly. Whatever you have to do, don’t make another move before you are sure everyone is playing for the same team.

2.  The Quick Toss

Want more? Download the full playbook below:

Forthea’s mission is dedicated to helping clients achieve their full potential online through superior marketing that’s delivered with unsurpassed customer service and professionalism.


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