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What to Get Your Business for Christmas

What to Get Your Business for Christmas

Christmas season is officially upon us. It’s time for pretty lights to start going up on houses and buildings. It’s time to start planning and shopping. It’s also time to take note of what new, shiny gift we want. I’m guessing that the handful of people who do not already own iPads will finally be getting one. I hope to be one of those people!  Yep, it’s that time of year where we all hope to get something really cool that we just didn’t or couldn’t buy for ourselves.

But what about your business or company? We are told that corporations are people. People like to get things too. Most people like Christmas. What do you suppose your company wants for Christmas?

If your company is young and may already have a bunch of cool new things. It won’t really care what you get it for Christmas. Like any young person, it’s just fun getting things and ripping off the wrapping paper. Your young company will probably be happy with some attention. A new Internet Marketing campaign is a great gift to give your young company. Nothing says love and attention like a few thousand page views of your spiffy new ad.

Maybe your company is a little older and is already cool and popular? What do cool and popular people usually want? Fashion comes to mind. In order to stay hip, one must be sporting the latest and greatest duds. What I would suggest getting for your cool, hip company is a new change of clothes. And by clothes, I actually mean a new website.

Ask any popular kid and they will tell you. Fashion matters.  Ask most professionals and they will tell you that the clothes make the man. Perception is everything.

The last thing you want to do is upset your young company by getting it more cubicles or a few extra plants. That’s not cool at all! Make it feel good and relevant. Outfit it with an appearance of confidence and adventure. Make other people envious of your company. You want your company to be the one that other companies talk about to their CEOs.

Oh, and like many people, this gift is also great for middle-aged companies that may or may not be going through a slight mid-life crisis. 😉

Here’s wishing you and your company a very Merry Christmas!

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