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Forthea Friday – Welcoming New Fortheans

Forthea Friday – Welcoming New Fortheans

A happy Forthea Friday to all our readers out there! Just a quick update from the team to brighten a depressingly hot October day here in Houston.

The last few weeks have been filled with comings and goings, so I wanted to take a few seconds to welcome the newest Fortheans – Loren LaMaster and Nathan Kelly! We’ll have a proper introduction to our new All-Stars later (by which I mean, I’m going to force them to write blog posts), but a hearty internet welcome on the internet’s most popular site – Forthea’s Blog!

If you’ve been following our site over the past few weeks, it’s pretty obvious that digital marketers LOVE CONFERENCES and late summer/early fall is the epicenter of conference season. Forthea has had representatives attend MozCon in Seattle, BrightEdge’s Share15 in San Francisco, Unbounce’s CTAConf 2015 in Vancouver, and our esteemed President spoke at Shop.org Digital Summit  in Philadelphia earlier this week (but more on that later).

Not only are these opportunities to interact with the industry’s very brightest stars, but it’s also a time to reflect on what we at Forthea are doing for our clients – and how we can grow.

For any digital marketing agency, conversation rate optimization (CRO), is a tantalizing practice. It’s easy to focus too much on external elements of marketing. Everything in SEO and PPC is designed to get more users driven to a website, but what happens once they get there?

In a working lunch (we call them Jams), Davis provided the team with some really fresh insights on CRO and how we can do a better job converting users that we focus so much on getting to the site.

We all learned a lot from PPC team lead and I’m looking forward to bringing CRO to my clients.

Davis Presenting What He Learned at CTAConf

Nick Lindauer
Nick is the vice president, client services and operations at Forthea. He’s been working in internet marketing since 2002, when – ironically – he answered an ad in the newspaper. When he’s not at work, he’s off spending time with his family, working on his house, building furniture, cooking on his two Big Green Eggs & brewing hot sauce.


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