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How to Train Your Clients for a Successful Launch

How to Train Your Clients for a Successful Launch

Letting our clients run with a product or website we created for them without training them on how to maintain or how to utilize it to grow their business, is setting them up for failure.

Here’s our approach to making sure our projects turn into valuable business assets for our clients:

1. It starts with building and designing with a meaningful goal in mind

When we sit down with a client, our intent is to discover their most pressing problems in business, and align them with impactful solutions. After all, what matters most for our clients is how our services– Web Design & Development, SEO, SEM, and PPC Marketing– will affect their business. Will it increase their revenues? Will it cut expenses and extra overhead? Or will it allow them to leverage or free up their time? When we’ve found an underlying problem and we truly understand how we can help our clients, we’re in the best position to build a product the right way.

2. Build in some demo content or examples

After we’ve created a website or a tool for a client, we produce demo content to serve as an example for them. We’ve had moments where we took a client’s site and redesigned it on a content management system, which can carry a steep learning curve for someone who is unfamiliar with the technology. In situations like this, we’re mindful to create demo pages, menus, and other content that our clients can refer to and learn from when they get stuck. Learning is done best in the trenches, and we find that when we give them a clear example to go by, they learn more quickly on how to use it, and they do it the right way.

3. Go the extra mile when teaching the client

Client education is incredibly valuable for making sure a project doesn’t become stagnate. When we’ve spent a great deal of time building something for our client, we want to ensure that it yields success for their business. It’s not enough to write up a few PDF manuals and send them over to the client. In order to ensure that success, it requires us to take the client through the new processes during a training workshop, lead them by example, and engage them in the workshop. We’ll have clients take the wheel and use what we’ve made so that they become invested in the process.

4. Position yourself as a long-term business partner

We spend so much time engaging with our clients that we become more intimate with how their business works, how they’ve positioned themselves, and how they serve their markets. At Forthea, we’ve started signing clients onto retainers when we complete a project for them, because it allows us to help them grow their business, make pivots, and implement new strategies and tactics on the fly. The end result? They build clear distinction from their competitors, convert more sales, and make more money.

While each of those steps is easier said than done, they’ve made a lasting difference in our business and our clients’ businesses. By building for purpose, educating the client, and forging a relationship with our clients, we have been able to accomplish wonderful feats. In the end, it’s our client’s success that drives our own.

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