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The PPC UNchecklist

The PPC UNchecklist

If you tend to follow search marketing blogs or twitter feeds, I’m sure you’ve seen the endless number of checklists for how to run a PPC campaign or how to better your PPC campaign. After seeing so many of these checklists, I thought, why not put together a checklist on what NOT to do with your PPC campaign?

So alas, here it is…the ULTIMATE “What Not to Do” PPC checklist:

  • Set all keywords to broad match. You want all of the unqualified traffic you can get, right?
  • Opt your search campaign into the content network with automatic placements
  • Don’t include any negative keywords
  • Only create one ad for your entire PPC campaign
  • Definitely only have one ad for the entirety of the campaign. Don’t continuously test ad creative.
  • Don’t use all characters given to you for text ads. The shorter and more unclear it is, the better!
  • Be sure to have at least 200 keywords per ad group.
  • Send traffic to a low quality page with pop ups about Viagra
  • Forget about impression share metrics – who uses that stuff anyways??
  • Don’t pay any attention to your cost per conversion data. Spent $500 to sell a $10 product…hey you got the sale right?
  • Be sure not to utilize Google’s ad extensions – You definitely don’t want to stand out from other ads.
  • Don’t even think about ad scheduling or geo-targeting – You need to be showing everywhere, all of the time!
  • You probably shouldn’t look at the search query report for potential keyword opportunities or possible negatives

So there you have it. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to completely ruin your PPC campaign, go ahead and print out that checklist. Oh wait, you’re actually interested in running an effective PPC campaign? Give the Forthea PPC advertising team a shout or contact us to see how we can help you out!

Davis Baker
Davis is the PPC Team Lead at Forthea and a digital advertising veteran of six years. Outside of the office, you can find Davis running, riding his dirt bike, or searching for the perfect cup of coffee (freshly ground and brewed with a French press. Anything less just won't cut it).


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