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Website Content: Build Your Site Like an Expert.

Website Content: Build Your Site Like an Expert.

If you want more website traffic you need to own the Internet. What do I mean by owning the internet? You can own the Internet by having lots of content on websites, blogs, and video sharing websites.

I know this can seem like an overwhelming task, but I like to think of my experience as a television producer as helpful to getting things organized. When I produced a special election night coverage, I planned an hour long show months in advance. Every minute was accounted and planned for. Special guests were booked, live shots were scheduled, and the news stories were written.

As a television producer you can’t just wing it and go on the air without planning. If I had done this, the news anchors and my news director would have been pretty upset.

But what does being a television producer have to do with putting together content for more website traffic? The key is planning. Planning ahead and creating a content schedule that you stick to every week.

Remembering my television producer training and experiences I recommend planning out my content production schedule every month.

For example, every two weeks you could write your email newsletter article. Then this article can be posted to your blog and multiple article directories. Also, you can have your blog connected with social media and automatically update Twitter and Facebook driving even more traffic to your blog and website.

If you’re having trouble coming up with content ideas to add to your calendar, here are some great examples to get you started.  

1.   Articles submitted to article directories

2.   Blog posts which can also include articles you’ve written

3.   Press Releases submitted to PR websites

4.   How To Videos submitted to video sharing websites such as youtube.com

5.   Podcasts submitted to itunes and posted on your blog

If you’re not already writing articles this is the easiest place to start. Start putting together a swipe file of article ideas you can pull from whenever you have writer’s block.

Your Action Step:

Start planning out your next month of content. When are you posting to your blog? When are you producing a press release? With your plan of content you can make sure you spread everything out throughout the month. Without a plan you could end up producing everything on one day or go several weeks without posting to your blog. So what does your producing plan look like?

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