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Political Advertising in 2012

Political Advertising in 2012

The power and influence of online advertising has proven to be a growing trend in the race for the White House. Alongside the traditional television and radio ads presidential candidates are also ramping up their online presence through internet advertising avenues.

According to an infographic found on mashable.com this year’s presidential candidates are ramping up their online advertising spend by monumental degrees. Reporting a 700% increase from $22 million dollars spent in 2008 to a projected $159 million dollars spent in 2012. Candidates are using a variety of online advertising methods including email marketing and pay-per-click advertising to brand and market their campaigns.

Zac Moffat, the digital director for presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney’s campaign, was interviewed by CNN and claimed that “you can be a lot more precise with your message online.” Plus, compared with broadcast, online ads are cheaper and easier to track.  The article goes on to state that, “what TV and radio used to do exclusively is now something, with the improved technology, that online ads can do very well, therefore, you can be sure to see a lot more political presence online in the very near future.”

Despite Moffats efforts, President Obama continues to outdo Romney in online advertising. According to an article written by The Washington Post, online display ad analytics found that in April 2012, Obama’s campaign delivered 865 million ad impressions online — while Romney’s delivered only 26 million.

Regardless of your political stance, Democrat, Republican or Independent, we can all agree on one thing – online advertising has taken political campaigning to new heights. Candidates realize and recognize the need to engage in the world of online advertising to establish a powerful online presence. They are jumping at the opportunity to influence voters and  going to great lengths to pursue voters in their online environments.


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