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Pinning with a Purpose: Pinterest Marketing Tips & Tricks

Pinning with a Purpose: Pinterest Marketing Tips & Tricks

In December of 2011 Pinterest became one of the top 10 biggest social networks with 11 million visits per week. The popular social media platform boasts over 10 million users and counting. As a Pinterest user myself I can relate to how marketing can be beneficial to brand enhancement with the growing online community.

Daily, Pinterest users login to “pin” images which relate to their “interests”; thus, the clever name “Pinterest” was born. Users pin to their personal pin boards so that they can save and share their pins with others. Pinterest becomes a social media platform when users begin to follow and comment on one another’s pins, integrating the social aspect into the site.

The majority of Pinners are women between the ages of 25 and 34, making Pinterest a natural platform for businesses to spend time marketing if they wish to connect with this specific target audience. As a member of this demographic I can testify that it works, I currently follow some of my favorite brands including MAC Cosmetics, Better Homes and Gardens and Whole Foods. Many popular brands such as these have successfully learned to pin with purpose for the benefit of their brand.

If you’re ready to start marketing a business and optimizing your brand on Pinterest first take the opportunity to read through my list of helpful Pinterest tips and tricks to ensure that your Pinterest marketing has the knowledge to succeed and pin with purpose.

Pinterest Tips & Tricks:

Remember your audience – Statistics show that three out of four Pinterest users are women. Although Pinterest is starting to attract more male users, businesses shouldn’t waste time pinning images that more than likely will not appeal to the interests of women.

Do your homework – Pinterest is not made for every brand. Before diving in head first do your homework. I suggest signing up as an individual and taking time to browse the boards of similar brands in your industry. Are they doing well? Do they have many followers? The answers to these questions will help you decide if Pinterest is an appropriate outlet for marketing your brand. If the other brands in your industry are doing well you can follow their board to get creative ideas and insights on how to market your brand successfully and competitively. Learn how other brands use Pinterest and benefit yourself from their wins and losses.

Integrate – Add and use the “Pin It” button on as many outlets as able. Incorporate the button onto your browser and website. Having the “Pin It” button readily available allows users to easily pin your images onto their boards. Pinterest can also be integrated with Facebook and Twitter however, be careful not to over pin and broadcast too much on these outlets, we will learn more about the reverse effects of over pinning a little later. Integrating on all platforms is important but it also comes with the responsibility of encouragement; be sure to encourage users to pin your images and thank them for their engagement. More integration = more user engagement = more appreciation and visibility for your brand = pinning with a purpose!

Refrain from pin-happy behaviors – As with any social media platform you don’t want to overwhelm your followers by over pinning. Pinterest followers do not want to deal with your clutter so try to refrain from going pin-happy. By over pinning you can easily push followers to unfollow you in turn causing you to loose valuable users if you’re not careful. It is best to use good judgment; pin images when it’s appropriate, depending on the size of your business, try to keep pinning to 4-8 new images per day. I understand that Pinterest can be powerfully addictive but for best practices it’s best to keep yourself in check for the professionalism and benefit of your brand. When you do engage and pin content stay focused only looking for the best opportunities to pin or repin interesting content that your target audience may enjoy that also connects to your business and brand. These types of pins will help you in marketing a business by adding character and personality to your brand.

Get Social – Don’t forget that Pinterest is a social media outlet. Pinterest allows businesses to create valuable emotional connections and relationships with their consumers. By relating with the consumer Pinterest unveils your brand as a personality rather than just a product or service. Many avid Pinterest users pin to build relationships with their brands. Tapping into this opportunity to create emotional connections may be one of the most uniquely important factors of the Pinterest platform. Bridging the gap between brand and consumer is often one of the most difficult challenges a business faces, Pinterest is a great avenue to choose if you’re facing this problem. By following consumers, repinning their content and commenting on their pins businesses can effortlessly build relationships, and customer loyalty.

Don’t forget SEOPinterest is a powerful way of using search engine optimization for your website. The first step in optimizing is ensuring that your profile is set up to be searched for by the search engines. You can do this by simply checking your Pinterest settings. Next, remember that for Pinterest images are key; be sure to incorporate appropriate brand related images. For many service based businesses this can be difficult, if this is the case, you may want to try including infographics or cartoons to express your brand. Lastly, Pinterest has a #hashtag function similar to Twitter, this valuable feature allows searchers to find you through your keywords. Make sure you are describing your pins well and choosing the appropriate keywords so that your audience can find you.

Stay Organized – Since Pinterest lets users create individual boards to categorize their pins, it easy to take advantage of this functionality from a business perspective as well. For example, if you’re a restaurant you may want to create separate boards for breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees. These separate boards will help keep your content organized, create a professional appearance, and make your brand easy to follow because of its organized nature. A good rule of thumb is to keep a minimum of 10 boards with at least 9 pins on each board, never keep an empty board on your profile. Utilizing separate boards will also allow you to better engage other complementary brands. The more followers the more purpose so remember to keep it organized to optimize your brand in a professional manner.

I hope that these helpful tips and tricks will get you off to a successful start to pinning with a purpose. I’ll leave you with these Pinterest statistics provided from ansonalex.com as one last motivator to integrate Pinterest for your business and brand.


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