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Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook Advertising Tips

With the new year, it’s the perfect time for housekeeping! At Forthea, we are doing this with our Houston online advertising and search engine optimization disciplines. In this blog post, we want to specifically cover ways to get the most out of your Facebook advertising efforts. There are 3 topics areas that help drive our campaigns and brands to long-term success.


Some readers may be thinking, how does this count toward tips and tricks? Hang with us for a couple of sentences.  When creating a Facebook advertising campaign, it’s important to have a tight focus on your audience.  College age students will behave differently from young professionals from Houston residents from New Yorkers. So what’s the point? Take a look at a small sample of Facebook advertisements below.

From where we stand, none of these online Facebook ads come across as interesting or relevant. However, there are easy ways to make your ad stand out! For the sake of argument, let’s say the target audience is college students in Houston.  How do you make your ad stand out from others?

Take a risk, and play toward geographic-specific and consumer behavior-specific opportunities. If we were to run an ad toward Houston college students, the ad might mention college events only in Houston.

Applying such a tight relevance has helped us to drive costs per conversion under 5 dollars and at times push ad click through rates to almost 2 percent. Not bad for Facebook online advertising! However, this is only one step in getting the most out of your Facebook advertising initiatives.

First Impressions Count

First impressions are huge; we simply cannot emphasize this enough.  Furthermore, it is important to know what will make good first impressions on your audience. Let’s take another look at a group of Facebook ads. After studying these ads for a minute, is there anything in particular that stands out to you?

There are 3 different items which we notice:

1. Most of the product images are hard to interpret or read.

2. All but one of the ads directs the user away from Facebook.

3. The ads generally make poor usage of text and calls to action.

The main takeaways from this example are to be visually clear, keep the user in Facebook and tell them what to do. Let’s briefly unpack these key points.

When selecting an image for Facebook advertisements, remember the final product isn’t much larger than a thumbnail. This means you need to select bold and clear images that easily demonstrate interest or benefit when scaled to miniature sizes. Unless it takes up half the image, text in your photos probably will not be readable.

A common mistake in Facebook advertising is taking users away from Facebook.  A great analogy of this situation likens social media to a party. People engage in social media to have a good time and hang out with their friends. Rarely do users intentionally engage in business on social media. Following this analogy, do you expect many people to leave a party for an office? Don’t make it hard for people to engage with your brand by taking them away from their friends. Furthermore, make wise use of the limited characters given. Last but not least, if you want people to like your page, tell them to do and it why. Incentive is important to fickle audiences.

Sponsored Stories

Don’t you love when there are deals for extra products with no increase in price? It may be a simplistic retailing tactic, but sometimes 20% more chili, nutella or chips seem quite exciting! Such is the case with a relatively new advertising feature from Facebook. When creating a new ad, there is now an option to create supplemental “Sponsored Stories” that appear in your fans’ timelines.

This new option is powerful social proof in action. The sponsored stories offer an opportunity for fans to publicly endorse your brand. In our experiences so far, there is no increase to your budget and campaign conversions have been boosted by 50 percent and more through sponsored stories.

Wrap Up

When your coworkers and competitors slow down and get into a slump, get the edge by improving your online advertising campaigns! Following these steps toward relevance, strong first impressions and using sponsored stories can increase your campaign profitability and put more money towards advanced testing.

We hope you found this article useful, please let us know in the comments if there is something you’d like to contribute to the conversation. Please share this post with friends and coworkers that might find this useful.

Nick Lindauer
Nick is the vice president, client services and operations at Forthea. He’s been working in internet marketing since 2002, when – ironically – he answered an ad in the newspaper. When he’s not at work, he’s off spending time with his family, working on his house, building furniture, cooking on his two Big Green Eggs & brewing hot sauce.


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