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Monthly SEO Services – Providing Value after the Initial SEO Setup

Monthly SEO Services – Providing Value after the Initial SEO Setup

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This is part of our ongoing series, A Better Agency, which looks at many of the difficulties that can arise when working with an agency, and what Forthea is doing to overcome it.

Let’s talk about providing continued value in monthly SEO services after the initial setup. When you contract for SEO services with a new agency, you see lots of action taken. Your SEO specialist will, hopefully, begin with a comprehensive audit of your website and its performance. Technical issues that could hinder user experience or site performance will be addressed, keyword research performed, and on-page optimization edits made.

During this initial SEO setup phase, you should receive a report of the audit along with various recommendations for your approval before implementation. Communication is frequent. You see changes made.

But what happens after the initial optimization is complete? Does the communication drop? Do you no longer see action? What is this agency doing with your monthly hours? What should they be doing?

What You Should See

Open Communication

Communication is key to an ongoing SEO campaign. When clients reach out, we are only a phone call or email away. If you have questions or want to talk strategy, we make ourselves available. Your marketing agency should as well.

Monthly Reporting

When you pay for monthly SEO services you may not see the work, but you should receive regular reports on your site’s performance. I’ve read reviews of other SEO agencies in which unsatisfied clients said they only received reports when they considered moving to another agency. Although some agencies provide monthly reporting, many simply send a report of the month’s keyword rankings and overall website traffic.

Forthea provides advanced reporting on a monthly basis. We also meet with clients to touch base, review the monthly reports, discuss strategy and answer any questions clients may have.

We believe in measuring what we can, and we use the best industry tools and platforms to help accomplish it. We also believe in transparency. Both are among our core values.

We love to present reports showing improvements in performance, but if your rankings took a dive or organic search traffic dropped, you will see it in your monthly report. If one of your tracked competitors gains a larger search market share, you will know about it. We take reporting seriously.


Reporting on monthly SEO services

Through the monthly reporting you should see a trend in positive results from the monthly SEO services over time. Unlike PPC, the results of SEO work are not instant, and you will see ups and downs, but the trend should be positive. And your business should grow.

If not, a change in strategy is needed. A good SEO specialist will see that before you do, and be working on changes for improvement.

The Monthly SEO Services You May Not See

Monthly Review & Analysis

During the monthly reporting period, a Forthea SEO specialist does much more than run a report. Monthly reporting is a time for review and analysis. Although monitoring is continuous, every month we take an in-depth view of site performance and analyze the results. Were conversions up or down? Which pages converted? How did the click-through rate and number of impressions compare to the previous month? Is organic search traffic up? Which landing pages had an increase/decrease in traffic? How did the site perform in mobile vs desktop? Which keywords moved up/down? Which areas performed well and which need improvement?

For each question asked we look not only for the answer, but the reason(s) why. Then we revise/refine our focus and strategy as needed.

Ongoing SEO Work

You may or may not see all of the ongoing SEO work your specialist performs, but, as previously mentioned, you should see the results. SEO is not a one-time set up and watch the traffic flow in. It is an ongoing process involving monitoring, analysis, strategy, testing and improvement.

Your monthly SEO services may include work such as developing and promoting fresh and optimized content, updating sitemaps, testing and analysis, building and improving local citations, monitoring reviews, addressing technical issues, brand promotion, site promotion, social media outreach, reviews of tracked calls, competitor analysis, conversion analysis… all to help your site performance and business grow. If you don’t see evidence of the work, it may be time to find a new agency.

If your website is not performing well in organic search and helping your business grow, or you are in the market for monthly SEO services provided by an award-winning agency you can trust, consider partnering with Forthea. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help.

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Terri Stevens
Terri Stevens is an SEO specialist for Forthea. She loves to travel, especially aboard cruise ships (floating casinos!), and spends free time with family and enjoying the outdoors.


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