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Internet Marketing Analytics

We took more math classes than our competition. In fact, our analytical bent is one-half of our total approach.

When the real successes (and failures) of a campaign are visible and actionable, the internet marketing analytics has done its job. From Social Media metrics that make sense to our rigorous SEO analytics framework, our team of analysts in Houston, TX knows how to tie data to action for success online.

There are three parts to our analytics success: planning, measurement and analysis.

Planning is an important first step to Internet Marketing Analytics

Before you can measure the success of a campaign, you have to define what counts and what doesn’t.

Right now, your business probably needs more of something, be it qualified leads, new sales, repeat business, votes, friends, etc. There are also probably a lot of questions about your customers and target market you’d love to answer, though don’t know where to begin. This is where we start.

The key to this first step is to formulate your objectives in a non-quantitative way. This technique ensures that the real problem—which may be keeping you up at night—is not presumed to be fully reducible to some set of quantitative goals or metrics. A metric that works very well for you one year, may prove woefully lacking as your business grows and changes.

Our team will work with you to identify the relevant questions and qualities that should matter most to your campaign.

Measurement – Forthea has the experience and tools needed to get the right analytics data

call tracking screenshot

Figuring out “what” to measure is almost always easier than figuring out “how” to measure it. The real world is messy, and nothing can kill the momentum of a campaign like inconsistent or incomplete data.

Fortunately, we have the experience and the tools to tame the “measurement problem”. From custom Google Analytics installations, to our proprietary call tracking and SEO /Social Media performance platforms, we can ‘size-up’ just about anything.

At this stage, the goal is to identify quantitative measurements, along with the respective targets, needed to satisfy your objectives. If you want to increase sales, then by how much can you realistically produce in the short-term given your current production model? If your objective is to increase qualified leads, then by how much and for what segments of your business?

We’re often optimizing our client’s marketing/sales funnels, where common metrics include not only conversion metrics such as email form submissions, phone call inquiries, and online purchases, but also non-conversion metrics such as visits, key-phrase rankings, bounce rates, click-through rates, time-on-site, and other engagement related metrics.

Internet Marketing Analysis that makes sense

Once objectives, metrics and targets are identified, our specialists develop initiatives aimed at hitting those targets. At this stage, our web analysts have two jobs; one is easy, and one is hard.

The easy job is to monitor and report on whether the campaign is actually hitting its targets. When objectives and measurement are properly defined, this activity “falls out” of a good centralized analytics application.

The harder job is to be able to analyze the data for new ideas and opportunities that could benefit the campaign, or take it in a new direction.

The data from every campaign tells a story. But it takes a lot of experience and attention-to-detail to tell it properly.

We are experts at being able to find the narrative and communicate it back to you in terms that make sense to your particular business. All the data in the world is useless, without somebody who can translate it into sound, actionable next-steps.

New opportunities may be used to create new initiatives, or entirely new campaigns with their own set of objectives and metrics. This last step ties our process together full-circle and ensures accountability and continuous improvement.

What our clients have to say about us

  • "After my first discussion with Chris, it was clear to me that he and his group possessed the right knowledge, skill sets and vision to help my brand grow its recognition through these mediums... I would recommend Forthea to anyone who is looking to create awareness for their product or service via a package of tools available through the internet. Forthea brings a great energy and certainly fantastic creativity to the table and shows great potential to increase commerce through communication for just about any business platform in any given medium."
    Aaron WebsterWebster Foods
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for putting out great work. I am very impressed with the way the website turned out, and how easy the process was. Also the content management system is fantastic. Very easy to make simple changes and updates…Forthea was very easy to work with and very communicative which I really appreciate. You have a good team."
    Kai StratmannUPC Interpipe, Inc
  • " I am very pleased with the work that [Forthea] is doing for us. I see the progress we are making through inquires via phone calls and our estimate request page. Also, the commercial opportunities are making a difference. On a conference call with our managers yesterday, I made a compelling case on why we should--unequivocally--increase our spend with Forthea because SEO is producing opportunities at an ROI better than our other lead sources. I had total buy in once I produced the data yesterday. Thank you, Chris, and thank you to your team."
    Justin Chipman VP Chipman Relocations
  • "Having initially hired Forthea's team to handle the websites, social media and SEO for The Hanover Company’s 40+ apartment projects, I too wasn’t entirely sure how their skills would translate to increased leads and branding of a professional services firm. We’ve been extremely pleased with the results and plan to continue with them for a long time."
    Cynthia S. BirdwellAndrews Myers Attorneys at Law
  • "Moving my account to Forthea was like a breath of fresh air. Their staff is intelligent, experienced, capable, and took the time to understand my business."
    Taylor PipkinSupportChoice, Inc.
  • "Forthea has been terrific helping us from everything from website design to virtual tours (including your deal UNC-G) to internet branding/marketing. I think of Forthea as our collaborative partner and certainly not a vendor. For what it’s worth, Forthea has my highest recommendation."
    Brian DinersteinPrincipal - The Dinerstein Companies