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In SEO for 2012, Dare We Say It, “Content Remains King”

In SEO for 2012, Dare We Say It, “Content Remains King”

The phrase “Content is King” has been repeated throughout the internet marketing world so often in the last five years or so, that it is certainly a cliché, yet it was never more true than it is today. You need good content if you want your business to succeed online. Original content. Content people want to read and share.

According to key findings in MarketingSherpa’s 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report-SEO Edition, “content creation works the best, but takes the most work”. Good content is effective. It increases organic traffic and conversions. It is great link bait.

But churning out interesting / informative / entertaining website copy, blog posts, guest blog posts, whitepapers, press releases and more is not easy. What do you write about?

When working as a journalist many years ago, an editor scolded me (he actually pounded my desk) for making the mistake of saying I couldn’t find anything to write about. I deserved it. As he correctly pointed out, there is a story in everything. News and ideas for articles surround us. They’re everywhere. You just need to open your eyes a little more.

Looking past the obvious is where you will find the ideas that can be developed into original content that stands out. If it is obvious, you can bet it’s been done – over and over and over. While putting your own unique spin on an overly used topic can work, the real rewards will come from new ideas.

So when you prepare to write new content for SEO, put extra time into brainstorming for the less obvious ideas. It’s not as easy, but you can bet the rewards will be greater.

Now I’m off to follow my own advice and do a bit of brainstorming.

Terri Stevens
Terri Stevens is an SEO specialist for Forthea. She loves to travel, especially aboard cruise ships (floating casinos!), and spends free time with family and enjoying the outdoors.


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