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How to Run Successful Online Marketing during the Holidays

How to Run Successful Online Marketing during the Holidays

Ready or not, “Tis the season” is right on our heels.  If you’re an online marketer or advertiser, the holiday season has already begun! Whether you’re doing SEO in Houston or ecommerce, the internet marketing analytics and marketing strategy must all be wrapped with a bow on top.  To get started, an online checklist and course of action should be established and prepared for implementation when the time comes.

I’m sure we all remember a point in time when we looked forward to the Sunday morning paper to browse and cut out the best coupons to use on our holiday purchases.  With technology all around us, those days are quickly diminishing.  We can now simply go online and present the coupon on a digital screen where it will be scanned for our discount or credit.  With this becoming the more traveled route for consumers, marketers must prepare early for the heavy usage of their sites come holiday season.  Start early and have a plan established for each month, usually beginning in September and going through December.

When you begin planning, the first steps should be along the lines of analyzing last year’s holiday time performance.  Study and analyze what could be tried out differently to meet the goals that were not reached the previous year.  Identify your competitors and have a new set of goals.  Make sure there is an understanding all around between the goals as well as budgets.  Finalize a calendar for everyone to go by stating weekly tasks leading to November and December.

In November, this is the time where it is appropriate to launch the pre-planned Holiday campaigns.  Right before launch there are a few things to verify.  Finalize your keyword list, make sure your plan of action and CTA’s are the fitting for the time of year.  Special days like Black Friday and especially for online marketing Cyber Monday should have their own specific ads.  Research shows between the years of 2009 and 2010, sales rose 9% and 16% between Black Friday and Cyber Monday respectively.

The holiday season is for online marketers are not only a busy time of year but exciting!  It is a time to try out new strategy and see what works and what needs to be altered the next time around; because like every year, the Jolly Ole’ season seems to sneak up on us very quickly.

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