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How Much is Social Media Impacting Your SEO?

How Much is Social Media Impacting Your SEO?

One of the hotly contested internet marketing and SEO topics of late is the true impact of social media. Does it actually affect your search rankings in SEO, does it generate sales or return on your ad spend? I’ll be upfront; we certainly do not have all the answers. (If we did, we would be relaxing in the Maldives right now!) However, we will speak to how social media can impact search engine optimization. Let’s get started by examining some concepts that will help shed light on the matter.


First of all, let’s think about how search engines such as Google and Bing view your web presences. Search engines draw up data points and relationships content about you. From your website, there are probably links to Facebook and Twitter profiles on every page of the site.  By the same token, there should be an appreciable amount of content on your social media channels that links back to your website.

Search engines crawl your website, look for the most frequent words and phrases, compare them against how they’re used and linked to other properties on the web. With this knowledge in mind, it is crucial to publish and link with deliberate intent. The intent should be in perfect harmony with your SEO targets, ergo your potential customers who are not aware of your brand.

If you are a home builder, you want to lead with and place emphasis on terms around your home building services. If this is supported by related posts on social media, your social channels on the web can be constructive, supporting elements to search engine optimization.

Your search footprint

A common question is, “How do you see what Google sees of your online content? “ We’ll show you some quick, simple tricks to use.

A common paradox of internet marketing is the “Field of Dreams” concept, if you build it, visitors will come. However, just because a page of content exists on the web does not mean it is indexed or known to search engines. Take a look at the screen capture.

Above is a manual search command asking Google to display all of the pages in its index from the Forthea Interactive Marketing twitter feed. This example is actually a great learning point for us; as roughly a third of our tweets are appearing in the index. Below are commands you can use for other social properties, such as Facebook and Pinterest.





Here is an important application point: Look for patterns in your social content that is being indexed. Is it content that is relevant to your services? Are there certain types of content, tones, messages or other variables that makes your content more likely to be shared and indexed? This is one step in measuring how social media impacts search engine optimization.

Referred from Search Engines

In many cases, desired actions or purchases will take place on your website. It is important to see how much traffic social media channels are contributing to the site. This can be easily examined by selecting the “Social” tab under the “Traffic Sources” section in Google Analytics. Pro Tip: You can use reports and advanced segments to see how much social is contributing to your website conversions.

When examining social traffic, keep contexts of marketing efforts and trends the focus of your analysis.

Wrap Up

What’s the value and benefit of all this?  After analyzing all these things, hopefully you are equipped to find out what social content performs best for your SEO efforts, users and website. If you would like to learn more about the pro-tips or how your business can grow through our Houston internet marketing services or social media marketing services, give us a ring!

Have you tried this out yet? Let us know how it goes, or if you have something you’d like to add.

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Nick Lindauer
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