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How Do Google Search Rankings and SEO Affect Your Business?

How Do Google Search Rankings and SEO Affect Your Business?

If your website isn’t helping to increase your leads and sales, it may require a little SEO help.

To discover how to get your business hired, increase sales and profitability, let’s hop into the driver’s seat of consumer perspective. This article will take a quick look at how to grow your business in real, concrete terms: phones ringing, doors opening, sales recorded and a return on your investment in marketing.

Each of your current customers started a path to you in identical fashion. They recognized a need, which fulfilled, would improve their lives. We focus on a particularly fast-expanding segment of consumers; those who search for solutions to needs online. Many people will now use Google, Bing, or another internet resource to move toward gratification of their need.

Like a business seeking a team member, Google seeks a deserving, respectable webpage to show the person searching.  Keeping this perspective in mind, here is an abridged road map toward making your business more profitable by using internet marketing.

1. Be Found

If you’re a great business, how will a customer visit your website to place an order or get a phone number if they don’t know you exist? If your pages aren’t indexed (or recognized) in Google and Bing, search engines can’t find you. If Google and Bing can’t find you, no one can find you.

            Tip: There is a quick easy way to see if and what pages of your site Google knows about. Type “site:Forthea.com” into Google, and see how many pages show up!

The example above is just a small tip of the iceberg in how Forthea begins the process of evaluating and improving websites for internet marketing.

2. Get Ranked

Did you know one in three people click on the first result of their search in Google? Almost 90 percent of searchers will not go past the first page of Google or Bing.

To turn searchers into visitors (and make sales from internet marketing), your website needs to rank high on search engine results. Ranking highly in search engines gives your brand the opportunity to make a compelling sale. Keyword research and a competitive analysis tell you what consumers are searching for and what keywords your site can rank for.

3.  Make Sales

Now that potential customers can find you online, they want to make sure:

  • You are relevant to what they’re searching for
  • Your website is a good use of time
  • Your website will result in good use of their money

Make sure that the customers feel this way by what is displayed on your site. This is a crucial, yet often an overlooked aspect of internet marketing. If you consistently satisfy the list above, the business will consistently generate sales.

4. Generate ROI

Now that search engines can find you, you rank for what people are looking for and you provide relevant content on your site, do you think you’re done? Not yet! Ongoing updates and fresh content keeps them coming back for more and helps you increase your Google search rankings.


Here’s a little secret: we just walked through the high points of the discipline search engine optimization, or SEO. Stay tuned with us, following this soon we’ll take a look in more detail on how to accomplish these things.

Nick Lindauer
Nick is the vice president, client services and operations at Forthea. He’s been working in internet marketing since 2002, when – ironically – he answered an ad in the newspaper. When he’s not at work, he’s off spending time with his family, working on his house, building furniture, cooking on his two Big Green Eggs & brewing hot sauce.


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