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Home Builder Advertising Case Study: Frankel Building Group

Frankel Building Group is a local Houston custom home builder. In addition to SEO services for home builders, Frankel and Forthea partnered on home builder PPC advertising initiatives. PPC advertising is a highly focused medium that encourages quick, direct responses from new home buyers. Read on to learn how Frankel and Forthea quickly tuned a PPC campaign into a customer-generating juggernaut.

Frankel Building Group PPC case study graph

The Forthea paid search team quickly worked to focus on customers actively seeking new homes in Houston. Frankel’s home builder advertising message was continuously placed at the top of relevant search results. These efforts generated phone calls, contact emails and new home sales. The home builder advertising achieved its purpose: driving new home buyers to Frankel.

Another benefit of home builder advertising is the ability to place your message in front of visitors to your website who did not call or contact you. This is known as retargeting, an advertising strategy that is effective when many potential new home buyers are comparing your services to other home builders. Frankel and Forthea are receiving recognition for their winning efforts in this area.

Frankel Building Group winning awards

In addition to winning customers, Frankel Building group and Forthea are winning awards for their home builder advertising efforts. The Greater Houston Builders Association recently bestowed the honor of best internet marketing campaign to Frankel Building Group. Find out how you can start winning customers today by contacting the Forthea team. Make sure your foundation of online marketing– your website – is in order! See how home builder marketing relies heavily on websites for success.