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Home Builder PPC & Online Advertising

As a home builder, your advertising needs may be more immediate at certain times or shift slightly due to seasonality at other times. For instance, if many families decide to rent or buy a home in the spring, home builders in Austin and Houston may want to capitalize on this with a quick number of leads. If you need quick results, home builder PPC can provide them.

Builder Advertising: How it’s Different

Pay per Click advertising, or PPC, is a highly targeted direct response advertising medium. PPC allows home builders to place the right message in front of the right customer and achieve quick results. There are two main types of PPC a home builder would invest in. The first type is search ads, the sponsored results shown at the top and right of organic search engine results. The second type is display advertising, which appears on popular sites such as YouTube, The New York Times, About.com and many more. These large and diverse audiences come with the targeting ability to attribute phone calls and emails back to keywords and clicks or certain times of day in specific cities. Learn how home builder advertising will work to bring in new customers for you.

Frankel Building Group search engine optimization

Effective Home Builder PPC

In a very basic way, great PPC is like great search engine optimization (SEO). It takes a proactive and analytical team to ensure that you get the most return on investment. Ask your PPC team about what keywords are working when, and how much profit they are driving for your business. Also, did you know you can retarget, or show ads to visitors who didn’t contact or call after they have left your site? Retargeting is a handy advertising program that allows your company to stay in front of consumers after they have left your website. See how one of our home builder advertising clients is winning awards and customers for excellent retargeting.

The PPC Value Proposition

The value proposition of home builder PPC is simple: concrete results that allow you to quickly measure return on investment. Get in touch with the Forthea team to see how PPC can make money for your home builder group.