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Best Home Builder Websites

How do home buyers find them?

The best home builder websites serve as the foundation for online marketing efforts and enhance the effectiveness of home builder SEO, PPC, email and social media marketing. If your website is not built for optimal home builder marketing, now is the time to make a change. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the housing market continues to recover and the economic outlook in Texas remains strong. The profit potential for home builders in this situation is high…if your home building business is properly prepared. Having one of the best home building websites that is ready for marketing and built for buyers can play a pivotal role in your business success.

Imagine you are a home buyer looking for a builder. How would you find one? Placing yourself in a buyer’s shoes and tracing their first purchasing steps will help you better understand what your website needs to successfully attract more sales.

1. Research

The first step of the home buying cycle is research. A majority of the research occurs online.  According to Google, the average technology shopper consults 14 to 20 sources before making a purchase. Translate the difference between an $800 television and a $250,000+ home. We can say with certainty that new home buyers are consulting at least 15 websites throughout the buying process.

We want to add one more layer of observation before we move forward. When buyers are seeking Austin or Houston home builders, many are using mobile and tablet devices to perform their research. For our home builder clients, we observe that the amount of mobile visitors can range from 25 to 50 percent. Keep these thoughts in mind as we follow the path of someone seeking a custom home builder in Houston.

2. Comparison

When a buyer is visiting some 15 home builder websites, we can assume that they are using mobile devices almost half of the time. Whether at home, work or looking in neighborhoods, the home buyer is spreading their attention between multiple tasks.  Make it easier for them by offering a website that works well with mobile.

What we’re trying to say is that your home builder website has a brief opportunity to stand out and provide an excellent experience for the home buyer.   What should you do to make your home builder website effective? Find out as you continue reading.

Quick tips for effective home builder website marketing

1. The best websites play nice with mobile devices.

Sometimes home builders are surprised when they field test a website for mobile. Let’s look at the Greater Houston Association of Home Builders. If you are a mobile user, how inclined are you to explore this website? Performing this check by visiting your website on a smartphone or tablet is a quick way to see how your website appears to mobile users.

GHBA screenshot

2. Simplicity for users

Another key element to check for in home builder websites is simplicity. Using the GHBA example from above, we would like to praise them for a positive element! The URL structure of their website appears to be straightforward and simple. Concise, descriptive URLs are a must when considering mobile and social behavior of home buyers. Someone is more likely to share a link when it is simple and descriptive. Sharing an email with a link full of session IDs, question marks and numbers is not likely to be opened.

3. How easy is it for visitors to contact and convert?

We will draw one last time from the GHBA example above. Regardless of whether you are a mobile or desktop user, website visitors explore the web with a purpose.  The end goal of buying a home is not an online transaction. However, the next step of seeking an appointment, brochure or tour is a common online action. Home builder websites must speak to this need.  Make sure a text (not image) phone number is clearly visible across the website. Contact forms on high interest pages of the website also enable visitors to quickly and easily contact you for an appointment or additional information.

Applying these principles to your website

These are all quick steps to see if your home builder website and marketing efforts are as effective as they could be. If you want to learn more about how to build one of best homebuilder websites, one that will stay in front of new home buyers and attract their attention, contact Forthea.